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UMF Battle of the bands

We had a good run at the UMF battle of the bands...getting 3rd place out of 7. Met some really cool and interesting musicians, who we are looking forward to collaborating with for shows and what not. All in all a great experience!

Practices and shows, a go go.

Practices lately have been really good. A set-list is currently working out that we all feel will be pretty stellar. The first half will be high octane, many of the songs being of the "highly worked out" variety. Second set after break is a little more subdued, and we are working out a few of the kinks. Looking at a complete set of about 17 songs. Gigs are currently being worked out, something all of this practicing is preparing us for. Currently looking at Rumford and Waterville as spots to play, and working out details to do so. Hopefully we will be adding a few shows to that section of the page soon!