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More metal \m/

We've been busy working on fattening up our sound even more. The next song release will be the heaviest yet =0


Our next song is well underway. Drum tracks are complete and guitars are about 1/2 way there. Sounding 'huge' even in its early stages ;)

Prototype T-Shirt Design

We recently designed a band T-Shirt, and have just received the first prototype. May we say that it is looking very cool! Yes we may \m/ We shall share a photo with you all of what it looks like in the near future :)

Next song is in progress

We've commenced work on the guitar and bass tracks for our next song. This one is "a killer" (that bad joke will make more sense when the song's released:)

400 fans!

Thanks for all the support guys. Plenty more music coming soon.

New song release 'Shadows"

Just released our latest song "Shadows". We're at 396 fans & it would be cool to get to 400 by the end of the day! If you are into our music, don't forget to spread the word \m/

Tick Tock

Spent another 3hrs this arvo working on the next song. Sounding pretty "gut-punchy". Not much longer before it's released guys ;)

Lots of new fans :)

We've had a big week gaining a lot of new fans on Reverbnation & Facebook. Still at #1 on the local Metal Charts, and @ #20 nationwide. More music is coming your way as soon as we can get it out to you. Thanks for your support \m/

A productive rehearsal tonight

Spent a few hours in the Apparition Nerd Centre working on our tunes and discussing where we are at. After 17yrs apart, there is a lot to discuss. We worked out we have around 30 songs from our old back catalogue to re-learn and record for you all. We've also begun discussing new material ;)

Level up!

Another 5 hrs spent on the mixdown of our next song tonight. All we can say that the song will take us up to the next level. Totally kicks ass! Can't wait to release this one guys :)