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Progress at double kick drum speed!

Work on our next song is progressing rapidly. Probably because it's the only 3 minute song we have! Drums, bass, & a lot of the guitar tracks are pretty much done -_- \m/

333 fans \m/

The Apparition is half way to 666 Reverbnation fans (cool!). Been laying down some bass and guitar tracks for our next song tonight. It's gonna be fast and heavy!!

Working on new songs

We're busy slaving away on new music at the various Apparition bunkers. Totally cool to see we're now #20 in the Metal Charts Australia wide -_- Thanks a bunch guys for your support which encourages us to keep working on our material.

299 fans!

wooo, we are at 299 fans! Who will be the 300th! ?

New song release "Proof"

So proud that after nearly a month's work, we have released our new song "Proof" tonight. A big effort by everyone in the band, and to those who helped and supported us over the past month. Now... off to work on the next song!

New Apparition Facebook page address renamed

We've changed the address for our Apparition Facebook page so as to have a more "International feel" ;) Update your links to https://www.facebook.com/apparitionmetal

Time to have a lie down!

Holy crap, another 5 or so hours spent on the production of our new song tonight. I reckon it might be ready for release in the next day or so \m/ :)

Mixing meltdown.

A massive night of getting levels, tones and effects right on our new song. Pretty close to releasing it now ;)

Just call me "Sir Mix-a-lot"

A big night of mixing and tweaking one of our new songs. Not long now till we can release this one :) Can't wait \m/

Vocal tracks for 4 new songs

Keith has been busy working on vocal tracks for 4 songs over the past couple of days. They sound fantastic!