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Otto Capobianco has had music in his life as long as he can remember. He began playing guitar at the age of 16 but he also played double bass in High School. Music was always a major part of his life and his family's as all but one of Otto’s six brothers and sisters are also accomplished musicians. Otto has been in many original rock, blues, funk and fusion bands over the years and has always been dedicated to his music even when he his music earnings did not pay the bills. Then by chance about 30 years ago Otto purchased a tape recorder and a mixer to record his band and decided to read and learn everything he could about acoustics, recording gear and recording techniques. With his new education, Otto started recording local bands in his basement and became very good at it, which kept him from becoming a poor homeless starving artist. Otto really loves the creative side of recording business he enjoys experimenting with new mixing, mastering, and special effects techniques. At this same time, Otto started composing and recording his instrumental tracks, including the ones on this page. Over the years, Otto has worked with many local and national recording artists including: Vince Montana Jr., The Roots, Scott Storch, Chuck Treece, Grover Washington Jr., Sonny Rhoads, Johnny "Clyde" Copeland, Jamaaladeen Tacuma - just to name a few. Otto met "Stewkey" Antoni the lead vocalist and keyboardist for Nazz when Stewkey came to Otto's studio "Nebula Zone" to do some work re-mastering old rare Nazz tapes. Otto and Stewkey became very good friends during this time. Stewkey was quite impressed with Otto’s guitar playing. He has been quoted as proclaiming, "people need to hear your music." Stewkey and Otto started working together writing, playing and recording. After a radio appearance in the late 90’s they decided the next logical step for them was to resurrect Nazz the band and do live shows, Stewkey & Otto have been the backbone of NAZZ ever since.

written by Johann Wible 6/17/2011.

The Mo'Jelly Band
The Mo'Jelly Band  (over 5 years ago)

Wow, you talking about the Nazz band with Todd Rungren? I loved their version of his hit song Hello It's Me, so much better than what Todd came out with when he left Nazz! I hope were talking about the same band here or I feel like a fool, hehe. But how many bands are named Nazz? hehe

JD Robertsons Unkindness Of Ravens
JD Robertsons Unkindness Of Ravens  (over 5 years ago)

Is this the band Nazz I've heard of for a number of years? Even hear in Canada?