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Some Of That Official #ReignPro

#ReignPro #Offical www.Reverbnation.com/ReignPro www.SoundCloud.com/ReignGang36Oh www.Facebook.com/ReignPro Twitter @ReignProNW Instagram @ReignGang36Oh Thank you for supporting! #KeepReignin #ReignPro #Radicals #ComingSoon

Reign Pro "Reign Gear" Order Now

What's Goodie? We will be making an order this Friday 02/27/15 so order now and have your merchandise back by Saturday 03/14/15. -Screen Print & Embroidery Available - -Available In Any Color/s- -Shipping Available Worldwide- T-shirts $10 Baseball Tees $25 Hoodies $40 Sweaters $30 Sweatpants $30 Shortie Underwear(Boy Shorts)$25 Beenies $20 Snapbacks $30 Fitted Caps $30 Inbox us now to and order today! #ReignPro #Logo #Merchandise #ReignProReignGear #FiftyFiftyPrint #KeepReignin

Welcome To Vancouver

Whats Goodie, we are trying to reach 5,000 views on Reign Pro's New Video "Welcome To Vancouver" in this month of January then we will be investing money for the video to be placed on "WorldStar" it would mean a lot if you could check out the video hit the thumbs up, comment on youtube as well as sharing the link to ur page. Thank you and God bless. Reign Pro -Welome to Vancouver- (OFFICIAL VIDEO): http://youtu.be/JGW_rcs3VY8

How To Stay In Touch

www.Facebook.com/ReignPro Twitter @ReignProNW Instagram @ReignGang36Oh make sure to like my solo artist page www.Facebook.com/TheGoodieMonster

Reign Pro Radicals Coming Soon

Working on a new project with my group/band called Reign Pro Radicals. We've release a couple videos via YouTube, "In This" and "Welcome To Vancouver.' So make sure you check those out and stay tune for what we have in stored for 2015.

The News On Sham'Roc

Working working working! Haha, naw for real tho I'm putting together my solo album as we speak(Tales From The Labyrinth). I'm also working on two group projects, Dirty G's & Reign Pro, and the official W.E. album (Joint Custody) with Killa Cam. Stay tuned for updates and leaks for the upcoming albums. Much Love, Stay Reigning!