New material and future fun

Well we are in process of working out some new tunes. 3 in all, so expect to hear some more crushing tunes next round. We have already premiered one during our last performance at the 2 Bit and it was well received. The other two are getting the final bugs worked out and we will attempt them at our next show.

We're all getting very stoked for the show at Studio 7 with Six Feet Under coming up. We will have demos available for free.

This year just keeps getting better.

Demo Online

Our demo "Rise of the Dead" is now online for your listening pleasure.


Our demo is now finished. We have everything recorded and mixed. Just need to start pressing them. It will be available for download as well once we get it situated. DOOM!

Demo (for real)

Well the bass, guitar and drum tracks have all been layed down and partially mixed. The EQ and such is pretty fucking cool. The vocals should be done within a week, maybe two. Then our demo shall be available for you guys to sink your teeth into.

Monday February 11th at the 2 Bit Saloon

Was a bitching night. Played with some killer bands but sadly found out one is heading back to their home state of Colorado. Everyone killed it that night and we were very well received. Looking forward to more shows with Drone Strike and Dumbass Jones in the future.

First show experience

Just played our first show ever last night out at the 2 Bit Saloon. Not much of a crowd to impress, but the people there were very impressed. Stage effects worked great and our sound guy was awesome. Big thanks to those who came out.

January 16th, 2013

Just started recording our demo today. Sounds really kick ass. Also, shows are coming up and we are all getting very excited to share our sound. Was a good day today and looks like great days are ahead.

Into 2013

Finally show ready and hitting the studio for our first demo. Gonna be a great start to the new year. Everything is sounding really tight and evil. Doom.