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New Day

8.45 Friday morning, just got myself together and I started to listen to the news, but the world is still a mess. So now listening to my music peers and fans on reverbnation, the world seems not that bad. A big thanks to all my fans in general as you are the rock who holds musicians like me up each day. To my music peers who have become fans too, the family just gets bigger each day. So I need to sign off, have new family members to thank personally. All have a great day RJ

Amazing Day

I've just checked my computer and have seen that #Rank 1 in the dance chart Hasenechart Music Dance 3 and Jonathan Tambe #Rank 1 in the instrumental charts have both become a fan of my music. I feel so great :) I need to take a break and take it all in. At the moment I can't concentrate, I'm in the middle of writing a new song. Thanks peeps