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"Hanging On" Press Release

On May 7, 2013, 18-year-old singer-songwriter Jacob Nutt will be releasing his very first EP under the name From Hated To Heroes, “Hanging On” online on BandCamp.com. Hard copies will also be made available at shows. Completely written and recorded himself, Jacob plans to shed some new light on the music scene and what it means to be a musician. When fans pre-order a digital copy of the EP on Bandcamp.com, they'll get the track "CRIA" available as an immediate download.

With influences spanning from literally every genre of music, from KISS to Hatebreed to Taylor Swift to Bob Marley, “Hanging On” is a true collection of all types of music. The title track, written about a struggling relationship, is a fast paced pop-punk song with a catchy chorus that’ll have you hooked by the end of the song. The second track, “So-Called Father” is a slower song, almost like a power ballad. One can guess what this song is about, and many fans have been able to connect with this song and it’s message during live shows. The third and final track, “CRIA” is the song that Jacob considers his magnum opus. “CRIA stands for Cedar Rapids, Iowa, the city that I’m from,” says Jacob. “There’s almost no support for the type of music that I do around here, and I know that I won’t be here much longer,” and he makes that point evident in this slow but rocking song.

With shows booked through June of this year, and always looking for more, plus a tour in the plans for July, Jacob is determined to make From Hated To Heroes a name that no one in Cedar Rapids will soon forget. “There’s plans to release two more three-song-EPs by the end of 2013, and by constantly releasing new music, I feel like I have a solid plan to build up a fanbase both locally and regionally. The internet’s a wonderful thing. Musicians are able to spread their music to people that wouldn’t be able to hear it if it weren’t for social media.”

You can catch From Hated To Heroes live here:

Saturday, May 11 @ Just Jules, Cedar Rapids, Iowa w/ Citi7en, Ganesha, and Numbered Existence Saturday, May 18 @ David’s Grad Party, Chariton, Iowa w/ Ignore The Script Saturday, June 8 @ Gabe’s, Iowa City, Iowa w/ Coiltap Saturday, June 29, @ Groundswell, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, “Nuttfest”

For press and booking, contact fromhatedtoheroesband@gmail.com