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Member of The Art Council of Huntsville

Project Rainbow Music Group is now a proud member and donor of The Art Council of Huntsville and The Art Council President's Circle.

Now entering the Instrumental Charts

I've decided to branch out a bit and see how well I do on the Instrumental charts locally and nationwide. I will keep you all posted.

Finally got S.A.R.A.H.2 submitted to Apple

I'm happy that I finally got this mixtape done but the bad part is that Apple said it will more than likely miss the Feb. 14 release date. So I will let you guys know when I'm told that it will go live on iTunes.

Starting production on S.A.R.A.H.3

Yep....its in the works. Stay Tuned :)

Now I'm #1 but for how long?

Just checked my profile and I saw that I've made the #1 spot. I'm happy and I'm thankful for all my Besties and Fans. But now I have to maintain this position and that's where the real work begins.Thanks again


Today I will submit my mixtape to Apple for review. Hopefully if everything goes ok I can still meet the Feb. 14 deadline for my release. I have been told that sometimes it takes up to 6 weeks before your project goes live on iTunes. Hopefully that's not the case but if it is then I will let you guys know the new release date.

Finally i see #2

Today is a milestone for me. I finally went from #11 to #2. Thank you to all my friends family and fans who made this a reality.

Making Music Everyday

Sometimes I post my latest creations and other times I don't but you can be sure I'm working on something everyday. Music has been my escape for many years and many years to come I'm sure.