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Hello to all the Bat-Friends across North America!!! You people have made it the most fantastic touring season of my whole career- and that's no joke. I hope you have had as much fun as Brenda & I have. The CD, "Digital Sculpture" has been VERY well received in the United States and Canada, and I have NEVER gotten so much Press & Newspaper coverage in my life. I am honored & humbled to play for you, and thrilled that you like my songs. I am about to enter the studio again to begin production on my third publicly released CD, and this time it will be very different. The new CD will be titled "Guitar Pieces" and it is strictly that- an album of instrumental guitar works. There has been a HUGE demand for the musical interludes that dot my shows, and so I am answering the call will an entire volume of them. I have composed far too many to include in one disc, so in a few years, I'll probably make another one. For now though, Vol one will be recorded in New Mexico in November, and probably be released at the top of 2015. Thereupon I will begin immediately recording the fourth CD which is very nearly already composed, and will be much more along the lines of the material you're more accustomed to- lots of vocals, and every conceivable style of writing that I can fit onto a CD. I don't have a release date. Next year is more or less already booked. We'll post the schedule when the time grows nearer. I will be spending the last quarter of THIS year in Arizona, New Mexico & California. (There are several new venues in California) Between shows it is my priority to release a video for "Last Stand in Texas" which is kind of my masterpiece, if you'll indulge my saying so. If I finish it this year, I'll consider it a very productive final quarter. All the best to you, and thank you for letting me play for you. That's what my dream has always been- you mean the world to me!

New Videos for Bat

Hey everybody, there are a few new videos to view over on the wheresbat youtube channel. A couple of studio produced pieces, and one in particular called "Last Stand In Texas" that is part of Bat's sweeping guitar suite of the same name. https://www.youtube.com/user/wheresbat?feature=mhee

First Video Release!!!

Big News!! In addition to the new dates all over California & Oregon in January, Bat is proud to announce the release of his first video from his solo CD "Waiting For Zavala" The video features actual offstage tour footage of Bat and his wife Brenda as they journey from town to town on the road across North America. The video accompanies the fans' breakaway favorite from the CD "The Two Of Us" and very accurately portrays the the pair driving across the continent between shows. More videos are scheduled to begin production within the next few weeks. Also, the new CD has begun recording in Austin TX. The songs are all entirely new, and feature more incredible guitar playing than ever before. In Bat's words, " Give the people what they want." No release date has been announced. The new disc, like the first one, is produced by legendary guitarist/producer Rick Del Castillo; a Titan of both Album Production and Guitar playing industries. All kinds of new merchandise are in production and will be available for purchase beginning in 2013, including women's styles and beanies. Things are moving along nicely. The album is enjoying much worldwide airplay, new fans are reached everyday.