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Some Poems

False Alarm:

These deeds that force the siren into loud

obtrusive song, propel me out of ease

and land me far from solid ground. I dance

on edges, looking down, prepared to fall,

and yet I know these shrill alarms that ring

are tricky bells that live to lie to me.

So once again I stand in anxious dread

with hose in hand, awaiting flames to fight

while still aware there never was a fire.


She hooked a line and cast it down my throat,

the weight of bait sinking down to the far depths

I never thought she’d reach. I felt a sharp

tugging at my insides as her gaze searched

fishing for truth within the secret sea

until snap! a catch! She gave one strong pull

and all the words I never planned to say

came flooding and tumbling out of my mouth.

I am exposed, gutted, laying out flat,

a fillet of honesty on a slab,

and yet this cold evisceration brings

the sense that I’ve been freed of some burden.


Prayerful priests converge in a shrouded crowd, their

shielded faces smile, tight-lipped mouths ascribing

blame, and tongues anointing sick souls till floods of

holy spit save them.

Human beasts, the frail victims lost in wonder,

need the tales of Gods to trap doubts, ensnare the

strange desire to search within. Truths, of course, have

long been decided.