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THE METAL UP 17/06/2014

Hi "compari",this is a good opportunity to understand who we are and what we do.. horns up for our friends of metalup, take a look!! http://www.themetalup.com/2014/06/intervista-ai-rage-of-south.html


Hi "compare", we remember that you can listen to our music in high quality on spotify, you just have to log on and find us on search engine !! www.spotify.com


Expecting our first video... here's a new review Tempi dispari - www.tempi-dispari.com - http://www.tempi-dispari.com/archives/21345


METALHEAD REVIEW (ITA) - www.metalhead.it http://www.metalhead.it/?p=30730

METAL WAVE REVIEW - www.metalwave.it

"Is an album that acts as a bridge between past and future, whose songs are often able to give off pure energy that hits the communicative target" - (ITA) METAL WAVE - www.metalwave.it http://www.metalwave.it/viewrece.php?id=5695


Hi "Compari"!! Finally started works for our first video, the song is "let me die". A phrase encloses the meaning of the video: "The nightmare is not in the death, but in the dying they condemn us" cit. Luca Coscioni soon on the net, stay with us \m/


A nice chat with the friends of Metallized to understand a little more about who we are, take a look my friends... Metallizzed interview (ITA) - www.metallizzed.it http://www.metallized.it/articolo.php?id=2123

NEW Review

"For some, the Nu-Metal / Crossover will be a chapter in the history of music to be considered now closed, it is true that when you least expect it you can find an album not only able to bring you back in time through the memories evoked by the songs of that era, but also like. It happened to me while listening to the debut of the Rage of south." Aristocraziawebzine review (ITA)- www.aristocraziawebzine.com http://www.aristocraziawebzine.com/recensioni/5922-rage-of-south-i-see-i-say-i-saw.html


Here we go!

“I See, I Say, I Hear” , first album of the italian Nu Metal band Rage Of South published by Red Cat Records, will be available from Monday 18 of NOVEMBER on major digital distribution platforms by The Orchard.

The album " I see,I say, I hear" talks about the social rage which feeds our time, shifting up the silence veil covering the present society taboo. It tells stories of our lifes, real or not, trying to make the listeners gradually conscious in mind and in spirituality, inviting to thinking and even shouting what they think, they see, they hear. An invitation to hide themselves never more and not to be preys of prejudices and threatenings. It's a rage shouting on everything going wrong. The voice melodies, the scratching armonies of guitars and bass, the hammering times of drums linked to a mix of technique and power, change the cynical words into a rage shout coming out of the deepness of our soul. It's an album producted in all its parts by ourselves,from the texts to melodies and the recording. It took two years to complete the project, many months for the recording, mixing and mastering, the all carried out in the Mother Mouse Studio Recording.

Rage of South - Sheep

Official lyric video of "Sheep" available on our next album "I see, I say, I hear". Produced by mothermouse studios (2012) all rights reserved ©. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5Ee1XEOzSw