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(W)reckless Productions Affiliation Contract

(W)reckless Productions Affiliation Contract consists of artist to company business matters and affairs pertaining to said artists music and affiliation with company. This contract sets forth all terms, conditions, and duties, which signing representative must adhere to from time of signing until contracts expiration. With sign on to this contract we are providing a general affiliation between (W)reckless and yourself _________________. The following is a binding agreement between company and artist. Duties expected by artist include; complete representation of (W)reckless and all other affiliates that improve artists standings, all productions and recordings made by company for artist are accredited on time of release, continuous contact every month between artist and company from time of sign on until expiration, any earnings made by artist with company contributions or affiliation give company earnings from up to 88% (standard rate) and artist receiving all other royalties earned. Anything independently released or created by artist with no company affiliation give artist full rights to all earnings. Company benefits include; with sign on, artist is required minimum of 2 months of sole representation of company with said artist receiving 4 total months of representation from company. Artist receives free recording on all productions made through company. We provide standard music distribution and promoting on Soundcloud, Reverbnation, Datpiff, and Bandcamp. Int. _______ All agreements above are based upon a standard 6 month contract. All specifications below describe artists earnings in detail. Any artist earnings made through production of company vary depending on how much from each production is made by artist. Company earning up to 88% also varies depending on artists sales, on a standard production made by company for artist, earnings (if any are made from production with company) drop to 44%(half) on a single production. Full lengths, E.P's, Mixtapes etc. made by company give earnings up to the standard rate of 88%. After expiration of contract any sales/earnings made by artist with company contributions give artists full rights and earnings.

Signature:_______________________ Date:_________ (W)reckless 2013

(W)reckless Spring Promo Tour 2013

(W)reckless Spring Promo Tour 2013

(W)reckless will be going on a 2013 Spring Promotional Tour across 3 states!!! Starting March 20th we will be embarking on a tour to various different locations in PA, NJ, and NY promoting our new debut album "X"! We've chosen many different places that we felt would be best to promote our music out of. When (W)reckless leaves to go to each location we will be notifying fans via Facebook & Twitter with photo/status updates. On specific days* we may bring fans along if you catch us in time, so make sure you stay up to date with us! On our tour we will have copies of the new album, business cards, flyers, merch etc. Stay tuned and if you want to be a part of our tour email us at wrecklessofficialemail@gmail.com. Locations listed below: ⦁ Philadelphia, PA ⦁ Seaside Heights, NJ* ⦁ Freehold, NJ ⦁ Brooklyn, NY ⦁ Wildwood, NJ ⦁ Manhattan, NY ⦁ Atlantic City, NJ ⦁ Toms River, NJ* ⦁ Jackson, NJ ⦁ Staten Island, NY ⦁ Asbury Park, NJ ⦁ Neptune, NJ

(W)reckless Debut Album "X"

(W)reckless Debut Album "X"



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(W)reckless & Nick Nubz Puzzle E.P.

(W)reckless & Nick Nubz Puzzle E.P.



(W)reckless 2012 Stats

600+ Twitter Followers 1500+ Facebook Likes 300+ Soundcloud followers, 600+ plays total 800+ plays on Bandpage #6 on Reverbnation Hip-Hop Charts for Lacey, NJ 2,200 Fans Total (FB, Twitter, RN, Youtube)

(W)reckless Ninja E.P.

(W)reckless Ninja E.P.