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Lack Of A Better Explanation...

Lack of a better explanation...

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Ok...so you paint, do photography, listen to modern music, what ever it is it is who you are. Sometimes all I want to do is turn the radio off...stand outside in the breeze and breath. I remember when I was very young the smell of the lawn freshly cut...sad for the dandilions...that will always be with me. The crisps chill of the wind blowing off of The Straits Of Juan De Fuca with the sun warming up my face on a spring day is memorial... ...but then there are those times that nothing but the sound of the Drums in my ear and a Rock tune blasting through can satisfy that power requirement I sometimes so desperately need. Other Humans require different things...and thats alright. I may not level up to what you expect in your life but give others their place to be free. It is not all about what we think others should or shouldn’t believe their life is about. We all have a different path to travel...however some of us sometime traverse a simular road and then we too begin to understand alittle more about how the other half lives. Sometimes knowing everything is too much to bare, be happy with what you’ve got.

Bang your head?

There is a video clip, part of a performance with THE WHO in “ The Kids Are Alright “ where Pete, in the performance of a song draws his actions to head butting his Les Paul...continues as if it was like a blink of an eye. Well...let me tell you something if you don’t have a clue, it’s a feeling more like walking into a wall accidently, it can be a painful experience but then if you know anything from your experiences sometimes being “ In The Zone “ as Pete used to say he was most times can deminish the pain but... In my youthful days of Rock and Roll we would attempt fate and do things just to throw our audience off...one such time involve myself ( Bass guitar ) and the ( Lead Guitarist ) plotted to end our show that was coming up with some theatrics of a some what violent nature...in the spirit of Pete Townshend and smash our Axes together on the finale of our closing number which was “ Rock and Roll All Night “ . I won’t go into all the details but so you know the guitars we broke were not our prized instruments... ...so the evening is drawing to a close and as planned during the song we switched guitars and set ourselves up for the highlight and as we took our places and tried to sinc our movements, in clockwise counter clockwise rotation began the action to smash our guitars and end the song except not all went as it should and I ended up being struck in an off center impact point with grimmicing pain on my face. We pulled it off, we were happy with our attempt at history but one of our fans came up after the end and exclaimed that she was appalled by our action and hoped we would never do that again! Well...thats why performers do strange things, because someone somewhere says you can’t and you know thats a good enough reason to do it, just because! Now the whole point of this nonsense comes down to this... ...we have been doing some remodeling at our home and well all my guitars in their cases are stacked up on my side of the bedroom where I sleep. This morning as I’m getting ready to rise out of bed my Les Paul somehow got maladjusted and it toppelled from the pile ( stacked on their sides not flat ) and it landed on my head...anyway thats what provoked me to write this...humor and history today. I hope you enjoy this little story because you know...it is only Rock and Roll, but I like it! Peace!

Rock and Dreams!

So...a hundred years ago or so...Hah, might as well have been given the amount of time and energy it has taken to produce me...

What I mean is the creation of this being I have been and become with a guitar and a song.

Sometimes I marvel at what others attribute there success on and how so many times I am attaken back by their answer which seems quite less then I expect from them.

In one instance Peter Green...when asked about his 1959 Les Paul and the "Magic" it apparenty had...he somewhat undramatically declares..."it had no Magic" but as many have speculated and in admiration of a good story disagree only so slightly with the Legend for as too he was a God.

The out of Phase sound that everyone believes was a malwired pickup in truth appears to have been actually a pickup that one of the magnets was south to north positioned next to a north to south magnet making it magnetically out of Phase which attributes to the differant sound we all so rave about and Peters sound.

The Les Paul I play on the other hand has a different but simular attribute...by design the Standard Traditional Pro in it's classic replication has it's pickups controlled by the front volume pots when pulled up independantly split the curcuit on each pickup and throwing them electrically out of phase creating a more of a single coil pickup tone then when it is in it's normal position as a Humbucking.

All in truth I have alway been a Guitar Nerd...can't help it...thats why I still play relentlessly and have no intent in stoppin ever...but also is why I live to tell tales such as this as to excite even the weekest of those who only desire to get into the History and the Lore of Blues and Rock.

Happy Friday Rockin mates...Rock on!


Dated Material...Really?

It was twenty years ago today...

It was, well not quite 50 years ago today...I came in on the Sgt. Peppers phenom...more like a year after...having bought my LP and lavishing myself to listening to the whole record on a Phonograph/Monograph ( not Stereo ) at least three times in a row opting out of going grocery shopping with my sister.

From the first time I heard the Beatles that was it for me...I remember oh so wanting a Violin Bass like Paul...( actually never ever owning one ).

Today on NPR Terry Gross did an interview with Giles Martin who is among others responsible for the remastering of the original material in a "50th" Anniversary package which offers so much to so many...but I wonder.

I rarely take time to listen to any Albums...If I had a good Stereo that might be different but I am more into recording my ideas in Music then going down the Rabbit Hole.

What I found very interesting though is how much that Record effected my perception of life...Hugely effected my life.

This year and how appropriate I am celebrating my 64th Birthday...and how appropriate that Sgt. Peppers be the focus this year.

Forever grateful and honor to live during the Musical times of my favorite Band ever...The Beatles!

Oh well...

Well, well, well!

So much to do and all the time in the world to try to fit it in aye?

In the realm of creativity...where do you stand, in the middle, on the outside looking in or desperately waiting for the stars to align?

I used to say that I was not prejudice and believed I was not a procrastinator but I have to admit the truth is a painful pill to swallow. As much as I want to believe I was not, my disbelief that I am these things bring about these questions that I struggle with and others might and few choose to approach.

I am not talking about social issues or struggles in humanity but in the struggle within music creation and art. Though these unfavorable attributes are real music does make them the subject to control and balance in life and sound unless we as Artist choose not to do so. Letting go and having restraint go hand and hand. There in lies the Ying and Yang of life.

So as I have done before...stepped back and tried, try to change but the inevitable remains, a need to as Bruce Lee once said..." Be Like Water " and move and flow with the changes.

Creating music is a wonderful thing. I am elevated every time not because I am Great at what I do but am amazed how like in math there is a problem and a solution and how when you least expect it the end result becomes an inspiration fulfilled.

That's what I'm talkin bout!

Best wishes y'all!

To Produce or not...that is the question!

What is it that makes what you do in music the reason for your success?

Not an easy answer for some.

When I first started out I remember only knowing very little and experimented...for me this was 1968-69 and I had never had but one music lesson in my life that mattered...and that turned out a failed attempt at being a guitar player.

What I'm talking about is this thing called desire however misdirected it was or could have been...I knew early on that music was going to be my savior.

I remember after getting my copy of Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club LP that I was going to do something...the first attempt perhaps fraught with delusion that I could produce anything...I couldn't even sing in key but was going to record my voice using a couple of cassette players and do this sound on sound that I knew nothing of the technic or anything else for that matter.

In a recent article of an older interview with Prince I read his description of a parallel I recognized we I think at some point all musicians that create share...that of self reliance due to the obvious fact that others could not or would not see the future as we see it.

So this leads to this thing we term Production and Producing and having a Producer to make who we are better. Indeed there may be times that that would be a desirable request and want but there also comes a point where you cut the reins loose and Produce yourself and build on who you are...

...and that's is what I have done.

It does not mean I am worthy of recognition...I do what I do for myself first and foremost. This is not an egotistical thing even though it is my being...it is about building, creating, working out a strategic plan for the sake of sound and the soul.

The point if there is one to make is that no matter what you do if you believe in yourself you are the reason it happened. To what degree of professionalism you take or rely on by someone else...

...Best wishes!

Same as it ever was...

There was a time long ago...when I felt the same way when listening to music and musicianship that gripped my spirit that sent my mind reeling, to want to be all those things I was feeling in the sound, the energy and emotion, the struggle and conflict with the best of intentions between each member and player...to sense the raw nature of a voice with strength and drama. One cannot disclaim the heritage that we all gain from the gifts of those that came before during and after our own enlightenment. To say there was an epifany would be only to understate the obvious. There is glory in music!

New single release " The Dream ", hear it now on ReverbNation!

If not for thinking...music would not matter. As the Moody Blues sang, "Thinking is the only way to travel"

" The Dream " is coming...

Well greetings my fellow Rockers...how y'all doin out there?

Tonight as I was hovering about after dinner I had the opportunity to exercise my right to party and with the song fresh in my mind proceeded to record the vocal track for the song I have been telling you about since forever..." The Dream ".

Glory be to the heavens because after three takes I NAILED it!

As well as that I discovered that after about a week of tweaking the DP24SD recording I missed a big chunk of reality...I thought I was adjusting the EQ on each track as I was going but did not realize that I had failed to "Switch on" the EQ for each track recorded...Duh Burt....wholey crap what a dummy, so I went through the complete recording and was amazed at the difference in everything I was doing...

...and the vocal track? Well with out sounding all prideful and full of my accomplishments I am extremely pleased and am going with what I have as a yeah I got it moment aye!

So I am now at a cross roads...I have three tracks and about 10 minutes of timer left to either add of leave the recording as it is.

The fear I have is over coloring the song and ruining the punch it has right now and filling it up with too much stuff.

I have one more instrument I might try...and no I'm not going to tell you about it...but Barry Darden might guess what I'm taking about...what say you Barry?

Anyway...I'll sleep on it and think about it tomorrow...in the mean time happy Rock and Rollin from your old friend Burtrum Redneck...

The Great NorthrnBandit signing out until I speak at you again and maybe actually have this new recording for all of you!

Peace my friends and Rock and Roll Dream!