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Black Cap Miner Update!

It took Black Cap Miner's Indie Gogo Campaign exactly 5 days to hit our mark of $1,000 raised for the September release of "The Formative Years". I cannot thank you guys ENOUGH for the support you have shown me in making this project happen. It is so dear to my heart and knowing that it will happen fills me determination and gratitude! Please keep spreading the news and keep donating as every funds will only help go towards securing Distribution and Manufacturing. Next week we will be unveiling the Black Cap Miner Tee shirt that will be included in the Campaign and after that we will release the 2nd Single, TBA... We might be few but we are strong. And I love each and every one of my metal brethren! LET'S THRASH!!!

New Song. New Video. Tonight!

Keep your eyes peeled for the new Byzantine music video, premiering tonight on www.nocleansinging.com The song, "Soul Eraser", is the 2nd single from the new album coming out Feb. 26th.


First album in 5 years from this iconic underground Metal band. Limited physical copies available!!! http://byzmerch.bigcartel.com/

As Empires Rise, They Do Just To Fall...

Finally! The 5 year wait is over... Beginning Monday Dec. 17th, you can go ahead and secure your copy of the long awaited album by the forward thinking Juggernaut known as BYZANTINE! A limited physical amount will be available during this first pressing. The album will be available for digital Pre Orders as well through over 15 online retail stores, including ITunes! Links will be supplied on 12/17/12 to the Byzantine Merch Page and the Byzantine Itunes Page so stay tuned!

Official Release Date - Feb. 26, 2013

Track Listing: 1. Which Light Shall Never Penetrate 2. Soul Eraser 3. Efficacy 4. Forged in the Heart of a Dying Star 5. Caldera 6. Signal Path 7. Everything I Touch Bursts into Flame 8. Posthumous 9. Pathogen

Michael Ogre Cunningham
Michael Ogre Cunningham  (almost 5 years ago)

Awesome can't wait!!!!!!!

Guess What...

We got a freakin' app! Stay tuned for real news as it happens.