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And again!

So, if things progress as I'm sure they will ( Being broke until the day I die ) I will have a second album next year.

It will be titled ' Lifetime Warranty ' and will have 15 tracks. In no order, the tracks will be these :

Gap, Betty, A Song to David, Suzy, Second Song to Mary, My Dying Hymn, Seven Year Itch, Searching in the Rain, Lifetime Warranty, Someone Said, Willow Tree, Tugboat, Pour, Two Spoonfuls of Joy, When You Go.

Keep watching for more updates! I also put two new videos on youtube and a new song on Reverbnation, check them out!

Album Listing!

So it's finally been worked out and decided! The Album I'll be recording in January will be titled ' Days Are Gone ' and will contain ten tracks.

Finally in order, the album will look like this.

1) Take a Spin 2) Two Shadows 3) Angel Dust 4) Hue 5) Save Me 6) Dirt 7) Better 8) A Grain of Salt 9) Gates 10) Days Are Gone

It'll be available for full album purchase on Amazon and a few other websites, and the tracks will up for download separately on Reverbnation and Bandcamp. Pricing will be added shortly after the album is recorded.

There are also plans for another album to be recorded soon titled ' Lifetime Warranty '. There will be more updates about that project soon.

I'm still on the hunt for gigs around town. I'm waiting to hear back from a few places, and I have a huge list of venues that gig that I haven't even emailed yet. Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and Sunset Island Music to keep track of all my smaller performances.

Much love, Everyone!

Track Listings!

So, in Mid January I'll have my first full Length album! It'll be between 10 and 13 tracks long and I have the listings ready to go for you to check out and give me your take at it!

They're not in any order yet.

1 - Two Shadows 2 - Grain of Salt 3 - Save Me 4 - Days Are Gone 5 - Angel Dust 6 - Take a Spin 7 - Dirt 8 - Hue 9 - Let Me Down 10 - Gates ( If 13 tracks ) (11) - Falling (12) - When You Go (13) - Lifetime Warranty ( Another 3 that are still being Considered if in the case of a 13 track album ) [11] - Suzy [12] - Betty [13] - Place I Have Been

All this will be sorted out shortly but I wanted to go ahead and let you all know what's been cooking up!

Let me know what you think!

Much love,


Work work!

I've been hard at work lately since I got back from Nashville. Setting up and putting work into Social Media Websites has kept me busy. I've also been selling tickets for the show at Jack Rabbits coming up, It's been easier than I'd thought to get them to people. I have four new videos on the way and will be dropping off demo CDs to venues all around town and will have a lot more shows soon!

Keep spreading the word and sharing my music with yours friends and family! You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, and Sunset Island music!

Much love,