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•HARD ROCK RISING 2015 - Barcelona•

FINAL: February 16 Alright guys Voting has Ended for the Hard Rock Rising 2015 Competition. We have stayed in the Top 9/12 slots and are on stand by for final tally to move forward!! Amazing job for those who have supported us for the first time and those who continue to do so. We appreciate it and look forward ripping HardRock 2015, Phoenix a new stage!! -stk • • • • • • • • • Below are the following updates through out the competition --- • • • • • • • • • February 3 Alright it's that time again. Hard Rock Rising Barcelona 2015 voting begins now!! Help send us to the TOP 9 spots again this year. Click on the link below and tell EVERYONE. •FREE MUSIC with Each Download• _____________________________________ UPDATE: February 4 STKnation we are RANKED 7 / 145 -for Hard Rock Rising 2015!! Let's get this thing moving and push to the top. Click on the link below and tell EVERYONE. Share & Spread the word. •FREE MUSIC with Each Download• Vote Here: February 4 http://www.hardrockrising.com/#/4683?artist_id=2885762&voting_token=c6af2d937ead4344c920ee5245e2e111 _____________________________________ UPDATE: February 6 RANKED 5 / 145 for Hard Rock Rising Barcelona 2015!! -Lets get this train on the role!! _____________________________________ UPDATE: February 9 HARD ROCK RISING 2015 - RANKED 8 / 145 with 122 VOTES!! Let's get this number up this week and you guys some FREE music! _____________________________________ UPDATE: February 11 Morning STKnation -Currently we stand RANKED at 6 / 145 with 150 VOTES!! -way to pull ahead. We got until Feb 16th to get to #1 -SO let's get er done!!! _____________________________________ UPDATE: February 12 STKnation, we currently stand Ranked at #5...way to go but the battle is not over!! Let's get to work and give em hell. We have until the 16th to get to #1. Let's do this!! _____________________________________ UPDATE: February 13 We broke 200 Votes!! Right on but the battle isn't over just yet...we are currently standing strong RANKED 5 / 145 for Arizona. We want to thank each and everyone of you for spreading the word while sharing our links. Let's get this moved up by the end of the day STKnation!!! _____________________________________ UPDATE: February 16 STKnation CAST YOUR VOTE for Hard Rock Rising 2015!! Today is the last day to push it to the limit and send us to represent Arizona for an amazing opportunity. We are currently RANKED 7/ 145 and still placed in the TOP 9-12 selection. So what do you guys say!!?? Let's get us to the TOP!!

•STK on iHeartRadio•

Goodmorning STKnation...It's November already and we want you guys to hear our beautiful faces Rocking Out in the morning. Join us on iHeart Radio!! Search Something to Kill..Share, Rate and Luv. -stk


Good morning everyone! Its a beautiful day, and we got some good news for you. After a very long search, we have finally found a new drummer. Warm welcomes to our new drummer Guy! We are currently working on getting back up to pace. Also Stay tuned for announcements on the album! - Sean

Hard Rock Rising Final 2014

Hard Rock Rising Final April 18th | 9PM Something to Kill will be representing Phoenix in the Competition for the 2014 Battle of the bands for a chance to perform in front of 40,000 at the Hard Rock live festival in Rome,Italy!

• Something to Kill • Black Bottom Lighters • Johnny Mitchell Music (We, Beloved)

Best of luck to all these amazing artist in the line up. Be sure to show your support and check us out in the competition at the Hard Rock Cafe.

•"Something to Kill Radio" on PANDORA•

We are Officially on PANDORA!! Something to Kill Radio...is now Alive and in Effect. We couldn't be more stoked to have moved forward into the New Year with this exciting news. Thank you to all those who have believed in us, continue to support and show your luv. Without you this would not be possible. -stk


VOTING has begun again this year!! We need your help for Something to Kill to win #HardRockRising. Download free tracks and vote now!


Big Shout Out -Long Wong's Tempe Firehouse

We want to thank everyone that supported us last Saturday Night at the Long Wong's Tempe Firehouse. We had an amazing time and want to give a special shout out to the band Weird Like You (Jeff & Eamon) for playing one hell of a set and showing STK some love. If you haven't heard of them be sure to check them out!! -STK

•Hard Rock Rising 2014•

STKfans -We Just entered #HardRockRising 2014 for a chance to play in Rome! Voting begins February 3. Spread the word! http://rvrb.fm/Aw3RTc

••2014 NEW YEARS••

We feel blessed to have had such an amazing year shared across with so many people to have supported us. -2014 is going to be strong for us, New Shows, Music, Finishing the Album, New Line up and the list goes on. We are thankful for each and everyone of you that continue to show support!! With out you we are nothing. Have an amazing Year STKNation!!

•Thanksgiving Week Exclusive•

STKnation: It's Thanksgiving week and to kick it off we wanted to give back to you guys with a FREE Exclusive download of our song 'Red Rows In White' -All you have to do is Click on the link, Like the song and sign up on our mailing list for a download. Leave us a comment here on our page and let us know what you think of the song. Happy Holidays and Happy Turkey Week!! -STK