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Still working hard on new material for my next album tentatively titled INTERFERENCE. Fitting in time to work and writing lyrics are the biggest challenges. There will be more music. I promise!

Coming Up!

A lot of things are in the works for 2014 and into 2015. I'm working on some new songs for my third album tentatively titled "Interference". The first song to be released will by titled "Waking Dream." A music video for the song is also being planned. Updates as they happen! I will also be performing in an upcoming charity event. Show details will be posted shortly.

New Videos!

Hello everybody!!

I have uploaded three videos from my performance at 3rd and Girard Bar this past Saturday. (April 19, 2014)

The set list for the show was as follows: 1. Starlite 2. Bottled Up 3. Five Years 4. All of Us

"Starlite" was not recorded however and the first verse of "Bottled Up" is also missing.

"Bottled Up" is a song I wrote almost 12 years ago in the band "Cross Eyed Cow" and has been reworked as a Lunar Subway track.

"Five Years" is a David Bowie cover and one of my favorites. (Oh how I love David Bowie)

I hope you all enjoy and hey...leave me some feedback!!!

Special thanks to C.J. Moore for filming and Touch Me Philly Productions for hosting this amazing show.

Total Euphoria!

I would like to give special thanks to my girls Amanda and Allison of Touch Me Philly Productions, S∆m∆rk∆nd, and Mission 0 for a totally amazing show this past Saturday at 3rd and Girard Bar! You are all fantastic!!!!

New Song and New Album!!!!!

I have officially released the brand new song "All of Us" and made it available for free at reverbnation.com/lunarsubway for a limited time. It is the first song released off my upcoming album "Desperately Wonderful" which will be released sometime in May. I'm very proud of the album so far and can't wait to get the whole thing up and ready to go.

Lunar Subway App cont.

Details are in order I suppose! You can stream music, receive updates, check out pictures (there will be more soon, I promise) Big apologies to all of you with Iphones as there are no plans as of yet for a Iphone version. Sorry guys.

Lunar Subway App for Android

I am very excited about the new Lunar Subway app for android. Ain't modern technology grand? :)

Debut Album!!

I am more than pleased to announce that the all of the packaging odds and ends are tied up and my debut album is now available for sale in my store at reverbnation.com/lunarsubway. Physical CD copies are available as well as digital downloads and ringtones to annoy your friends with!

New Beginnings

Finally got this thing off and running. Just as with the recording of the new batch of songs, this is a trial and error operation. I'll figure it all out and it will get better and better as I go. I am very excited at finally getting music out for people to hear!