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EriAm Sisters: Renton's Stunning Young Divas

If you’re a regular user of YouTube just type in “Haben Abraham” and you’ll be catapulted into everything “Abraham:” Haben, 11; Lianda, 15, and Salina, 14. The three sisters from Renton have had more than 700,000 views on YouTube and MySpace since debuting their talent on the Internet sites three years ago. “They love each other. They’re really smart kids, they have a dream, and they want to go for it,” says their co-manager Robert Cann. “They’re just normal kids who are remarkable young artists. Their talent comes naturally to them; they don’t let it go to their heads, and they work really hard.” Haben, the most recognized of the three young divas, has been in the local, regional, and national spotlight since as early as 2005. It started with her former music teacher at Highlands Elementary School, Sheri Kittay, who recognized her dynamic talent and let her father know something should be done. Haben’s father Mulugheta, a native of the East African country of Eritrea, immediately began uploading videos of Haben—including an early performance of Beyonce’s “Listen.” Cann, a senior sales manager at a Ford dealership in Issaquah, had a chance encounter with the Abraham family when they came to purchase a vehicle. During negotiations, it came up somehow that Haben was an exceptional singer. At first, Cann thought how sweet that this young girl Haben could sing. Mulugheta and his wife Tiblets led Cann to a computer and showed him Haben on YouTube. “My mouth just dropped after I saw her on YouTube,” he says. Cann told the family that he had connections in the local entertainment industry through his father, who during the 1960s and 1970s was an entertainment promoter. “We began first to focus on Haben and her talent, rather than the other two sisters, because she was the youngest and the impression was most strong,” he says. “When you talk with her, you would never think that she would have a vocal talent like that, and then all of a sudden you see her live. She is a creative type, very impressive, smart and intelligent.” In March of this year, Haben (within days apart) performed on the “America’s Most Talented Kids” segment of the Maury Povich TV show in New York City, the Children’s Miracle Network awards in Orlando, and the second round contest audition of the America’s Got Talent contest in Los Angeles. “The Maury Povich show was a lot of fun,” says Haben. “I made a lot of friends there. And even though I was sick that day, I did pretty well.” While singing solo is fun and has attracted attention for Haben, she says that singing with her sisters is when she’s most comfortable. “It’s fun to perform with my sisters, because we’re family,” she says. The sisters together go by the name EriAm, which stands for Eritrean-American. It reflects their lineage from Eritrea to America. With the help of Cann and the support of their parents, the sisters connected with executive producer John Silva and last June began recording a 14-track album that incorporates the sounds of R& B and soul. The summer was filled with eight-hour recording days. Three songwriters contributed tracks; four songs were originals from the sisters. Cann says he and Mulugheta will be in negotiations with several labels for distribution, including Warner, EMI, Geffen, Disney and Nickelodeon. “Our short term goal for the girls is showcasing their talent and increasing their fan base, while enjoying family and school life,” says Mulugheta. “The long term goal is to create a strong sisters band that is a household name and becomes a role model for many youngsters.” More information on the sisters is at www.habenabraham.com or www.myspace.com/theeriamsisters

Haben Performs at Timbaland Show in Seattle

If there’s one thing about a Seattle concert/show that’s a given, it’s that it will start anywhere from an hour, 2 hours, and sometimes even 3 hours after the doors open. So I figure doors open at 9:00PM, I’ll get there at 9:30PM and have plenty of time. Wrong! I walk in and the first thing I hear is Timbaland’s voice saying “ya’ll have been great to me tonight.” Crap I missed his whole set. I check the 7 piece band flanking Timbo. Immediately I recognize Nisan Stewart on drums. Nisan is a longtime friend and collaborator of Tim’s and Missy’s, has worked extensively with Tweet, and you can peep him also on the drums in the video of Aaliyah at the Tunnel. Thankfully I get at least one song. Tim has Freestyle Steve play The Eurythmics “Sweet Dreams” followed by “The Way I Are.” Immediately I’m thinking did Tim sample “Sweet Dreams” for “The Way I Are” synths? Could be. Tim’s set finished but he wasn’t done talking. He took the time to address all the websites, blogs, and fans who felt as though mixing a legendary rocker like Chris Cornell with a hip hop/pop producer like Tim wouldn’t work. He understood where they were coming from but encouraged everyone to take the time to listen to the album, “it’s 2008 ya’ll!” He called it some of the best work of his career. Then he talked very briefly about Shock Value 2 and his desire to work with Green Day. At this point I’m sweating just waiting for some juicy news. Tim cues Freestyle to play a new joint off Shock Value 2 and low and behold “Talk That” blares through the speakers. So it will be a Shock Value 2 record. Then it happens…. Freestyle stops the record and says the magic words “Seattle I’m going to play you a record we’ve never played before” (cue chills) He plays a new record, an uptempo dance track, and who’s vocals do I hear? Brandy’s. That’s right Brandy and Timbo (and J Roc) are official. I have no idea the name of the track or what album it’s going to be on but for 2 minutes I simply basked in the exclusivity of it all. Freestyle then brought to the stage his new artist named Haben. who performed 2 of her new songs. Who is Haben you ask? A 10 year old vocal powerhouse who I’ve had the pleasure to meet before. Check back to The Chronicles at the end of the week for a proper introduction. Source: http://thomascrownchronicles.blogspot.com/2008/11/2-hours-and-counting.html

Haben and The EriAm sisters Radiio interview 0 Oct 31 1:00pm

My interview on Nathan Osmond's show will air at 1:00pm Seattle time. Please tune your url the to the following link to listen to the interview http://planetarystreams.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=157&Itemid=160 Please do not forget to join my uPlej network by clicking on the link at the top right corner of the www.uplej.com/haben page. Choose your own favorite charity to get behind because when you join my network, not only are you helping your charity, but one dollar will also go to help support Children's Miracle Network. Together we truly can make miracles happen. Thank you again for visiting my page and I look forward to singing for you in the near future. Haben