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The NEW website

Its here RADICALS, www.reveilleforradicals.com the NEW website is up and running although its still under construction and having constant updates, you can access it and stay current with your new favorite band..

"A Call to Arms"

The NEW album is DONE...We posted 2 songs last night and we will post the others after our upcoming CD release party which will be announced soon...We look forward to sharing it with everyone soon...

The upcoming Reveille for Radicals album..

After last nights show, we are excited to go into the studio next week to record the album. It has been close to a year since we united and we are going into the studio with a fire and energy that can not be explained, and with the new addition of Marty Haley we are confident that we will be able to capture the raw passion that is REVEILLE FOR RADICALS...We are expecting to have the final mixes in our dirty hands around early March....BE READY...