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Dr Rip Tide: Drummer Extrodinaire

I am delighted to advise that Shaguar has a new drummer. Please allow me to introduce Dr. Rip Tide!!!!!!!!!!! Dr. Rip Tide; a mystery child found washed up on a Vancouver beach clutching a surfboard autographed by Elvis Presley. While potty training, his talent for drumming emerged; much to his adoptive parents’ chagrin. By the age of 10 he had mastered many a surf rock classic and although clearly a drum prodigy, his adoptive parents encouraged academic pursuits. Eventually Rip earned a double PhD in scatology and modern dance. Upon discovering you can polish a turd and it is still a turd, Dr. Tide left all that crap behind pursuing a career as a Pro Career Pursuer. This failed and he was adrift without a direction. His instincts lead him back to the drums and a gig as the “house” drummer for a waterpark. Sparky Vegas, who had a temp gig as a water-wing, was awed by Dr. Tide’s drumming tour de force. Discovering they had a lot in common, including the heart breaking fact they were children of the unknown, they joined forces forming a band called “The Bronze Pears”. They have been trying to find the emerald staircase to stardom ever since.

Mickey Mau aka ‘The Disaster with a Stratocaster’

Mickey Mau aka ‘The Disaster with a Stratocaster’ Lead/Rhythm Guitar Legend has it that he once parked in a tow away zone only to come back later to find that the entire neighbourhood was gone. That is when fate led him to the Shaglair, the only place still in place. Overhearing Dee Dee’s ripping guitar emanating from the Shaglair resulted in the fateful reunification with his long lost younger fraternal twin reverb brother. Mickey’s interests are varied with his pride and joy; a large archive of audio transcriptions of Marcel Marceau. He’s no slouch when it comes to button-hole collecting, a sought out expert who is world renown for his acumen in spotting attractive holes. Mikey sports a few quirks like his wristwatch phobia, and a stead-fast belief that both ants and the color beige do not exist. When asked, how’s life as a Shaguarian?... "You know that feeling you have when you lean back in a chair, and then you lean back a little too far, and you almost fall backwards, but then you catch yourself and go “whoa”… that’s how I feel all the time … !”

Sir Lou Gueña (Traditional/Lecuona)

A little snippet of two tunes from this week’s rehearsal. Probably our third time through combining two classic surf songs Misirlou (traditional) and Malagueña (Ernesto Lecuona). Still working out the wrinkles. This was recorded live off the floor with two stereo mics! Featuring the guitar work of Dee Dee Mau and Mickey Mau. Their bios are coming soon.


Ida Bigg-Uns: Keyboards/Vocals/Percussion When not in the trailer park pool, Ms. Bigg-uns is either priming and prepping to go out, is on the way out, or is on her perch at her favorite club surrounded by swamp rock, pop, and bluesy riffs from a multitude of musicians, and of course her gentlemen in waiting. With a propensity to emulate anything she hears, Ida gave up hog calling competitions for a ride on the wild side of surf rock and rockabilly. Exactly how she ended up in the back of Dee Dee Mau’s “pick-up” truck has never really been clear due to her ethanol induced state of disorientation. But when she heard the band playing in the basement she stumbled in, fired up the 70’s organ (a fixture in the Shaguar rehearsal lair) and the rest… Well let’s skip the details about her getting sick all over Sparky’s bass, but she is a welcome addition as a multi-instrumentalist: keyboards, percussion, brass and vocals to name a few. And if she’s in the right mood she might even give y’all a big old hog call.

Sad News and Good News

Sad news, due to health reasons Tex Wonderful will not be able to stay on full-time with the Shags. He may, however, make a guest appearance here or there.

It has also been confirmed that Alberto Pipeline, who was suggested by Tex, will be joining Shaguar full on. We wish Tex all the best and better health, and look forward to having Alberto join us.

New Tune Posted!

A Shaguar cover of My Gal is Red Hot written by Billy Emerson circa 1955 featuring Ms. Lily on vocals. The song was recorded live on October 27 2012 at the Avenue Theatre, a Blue Goat production “Halloween in Space”. Recorded by Core Musician Services www.coremusicianservices.com and then mixed quick by Jason Grilo, with further mastering by Sparky Vegas.

UPDATE: now 4 bands for “Halloween in Space” party!

“Halloween in Space” is the theme and that says it all. Great bands, going to be a good time. We are delighted to be warming up for Blue Goat, Give Em Hell Boys!, and The Uncas. Hope to see you out for the gig! We are first up at 9:00 pm. Tickets $20.00.

ONLINE TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW!!! http://yeglive.ca/events/the-uncas/oct-27-2012/avenuetheatre

The Uncas, Blue Goat and Shaguar at Avenue Theatre 9030 118 Avenue

Halloween in Space is the theme and that says it all. Great bands, going to be a good time. Hope to see you out for Shaguar’s inaugural gig! We are first up at 9:00 pm. Avenue Theatre 9030 118 Avenue

We are back at it!

Working up more tunes and considering original material. Every member of Shaguar brings something unique to the group and our growing repertoire reflects this.

On the drawing board are tunes by Atomic 7, Laika and the Cosmonauts, and the Ramblin Ambassadors, to name a few. And of course we continue to mine the back catalogue of classic surf rock.

We are exploring warm-up opportunities with some very cool local bands and continue to climb the ReverbNation Edmonton Rock chart making new fans and friends.

Our website www.shaguar.ca has been updated as well.

The best of thanksgiving's to you.


Cover of Satan's Pilgrim's Psych-a-Go-Go

Recorded "off the floor'' with two mikes (stereo)...old school style. A cover of a smoking tune by Satan’s Pilgrims one of my favorite instrumental surf rock bands. Check them out on facebook.