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Roger Pollard / Blog

God's Love(1 Pet. 4:8)

Peace and Blessings! This is a new sound that God has given me and I wanted to share with you guys just a snippet of this song that I have been working hard on; it is a song about how amazing God's Love is. It speaks to the fact that we the church act as if we have a monopoly on God's Love, it is for EVERYONE, I repeat, EVERYONE! No God's Love is not a license to sin or exist outside of what He has commanded us to do within His Divine Order, of course not, because I do not endorse Disobedience to the God of the Universe; likewise, regardless if you agree with someone's behavior/lifestyle, it is irrelevant in regards to if God loves them or not, because He does love them and there is nothing that anyone can do about it. Why? Because God's Love is UNCONDITIONAL! It is my belief that we have oppressed one another to long with erroneous theology and pitched a tent at the heart of our ignorance with an outdated dogmatic belief system. We the church do not have a monopoly on God's Love, PERIOD! It is our responsibility to spread His love through His Word and share with the world that everything that God does extends from His Love for us: divine order, divine judgement, chastisement, provision, blessings, the refining process, doors being closed, doors being open, EVERYTHING(whether we perceive it to be for our good or not) that God does is out of His love and desire to have an intimate relationship with us!!!! Thanks for the support! Peace and Blessings!

But God!!!(John 3:16)

God recently birthed this song through me and I am overjoyed with this new song from the heart of God. This song speaks to everyone, it is a simple yet profound message about how God loves us in spite of; to know that the God Of The Universe loves us in such an amazing way is an awe inspiring thought and reality. This song touches on an issue that is dear to me, which is people who have been hurt by life, church, circumstances, etc. I believe that Love, being that "God is Love"(1 John 4:8), is able to conquer all, no it is not a license to live a sinful lifestyle, but likewise it should act as restraints on our unjust judgement of others and being overly critical of them. This song is for all those who are going through, you need to know that God loves you, no seriously, He loved you enough to send His son to die for You; surely that is the ultimate display of love and what He is all about. This realization should and will give you strength in your current situation and beyond. Be Blessed, I love you, and God loves you!

Dance Like David!!!!

I know I am a bit late with my post about the new song I put out, but better late than never. The inspiration for the song was that there comes a time in our life where we must dance; the dance referred to in this song is symbolic of doing something different, stepping out of your comfort zone, and physically acting upon that which is inside of you. I am not much of a dancer but at the command and unction of the Holy Spirit, I will do whatever is necessary to ensure that He gets the glory. So that means that when you hear this song, yes you are supposed to "dance", do something that you have never done before. I am not referring to the typical shout that you would do when the organ is going and the Spirit of God is moving, not that there is anything wrong with that type of praise, but I am simply saying that this song is not indicative of that type of praise; that the required praise for this song is something you have never done before. This is why God had me too construct the song how it is, because it is my belief that if you want God to do something different you must do something different, and I believe that by displaying the type of passion that David exhibited when The Ark of the Covenant was being returned is what God is seeking. He is seeking the type of praise/worship that is uninhibited and unaffected by what others think. We have to make sure that we continue to press into God's presence, and continue to seek His face constantly. Thanks as always for the support. Peace and Blessings!

Matthew 6:24!!!!

Matthew 6:24 declares, "No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon"(KJV). I am a firm believer that we as Christians have too make a choice. We will either serve God or the world and whether or not we realize it by not serving one you serve the other. When it comes to God you either stand with Him or stand as an offense to Him, an enmity is how a person is viewed in God's eyes if they are not on His side. I can't make you stand with God, I can only express my desire too you to stand with Him, for if you are not on God's side then you are in the most dangerous place spiritually a person can be. I implore you with all that is within me too stand with God and allow Him to reign in your life. Thanks as always for the support, Peace and God Bless You!


I just posted a new song "Ascension To Heaven," it is based on a person who has just passed away and their spirit is leaving their body. As they ascend upwards they are entering heaven and realize that the struggles they have endured in life were worth it. That their eternal reward is heaven and it is a direct result of, not only Jesus Christ, but there faith,belief, and perseverance. I don't know about you guys but heaven is not just a mystical concept, it is real, as is hell, and I plan on going to heaven and having this same experience. I can only imagine the relief, joy, happiness, and any other emotion you can think of that represents something joyous, upon entering heaven. I could ramble on forever....thanks as always for your support, Peace and God Bless!!!

The M.A.N. Project

I have a passion and desire for men of God to stand up and do what it is that God has called them to do. So God has given me this song, more like call to arms for all men. The M.A.N. stands for, Men Are Needed, and I believe that it is essential for us as men to step into our purpose and destiny, so that we can be used by God. We have to submit ourselves to Him, we have to come under God's authority. I am not going to preach, I just Love God and know what He is able to do with men who have yielded themselves 100% to Him, I implore all men who read this please get to know God, really get in His face, be open and vulnerable before Him, naked and unashamed, and watch what He will do. Thanks as always for your support, Peace and God Bless!!!

Holy Holy Holy???

I have recently put up a classic hymn that we used to sing in my church and I absolutely love hymns; however, I am not in love with the musical packaging of all hymns. So I decided to keep the words, which is the where the power is in anyway, and package it completely removed from the traditional music. I hope you enjoy. Thanks for listening and God Bless!!!

Funny How Things Work!! (I AM)

LOL...while I was working on that monster song I was telling you guys about and this new song "I AM" came forth and I just had to do it, from the beat to the lyrics I was feeling it. I have not forgotten about the song I promised but for now enjoy this positive affirmation and remember to be blessed today; walk in the knowledge that what you speak/think over yourself is what you are, because God is The I AM that I AM. Thanks and God Bless!!!

epollard  (almost 4 years ago)

I really like the song, I listened to it several times. Simple, I am

I have this new song coming soon...

I can not wait for you guys to here this new song I am working on, God is just really speaking and moving in my life and my music. This song will make you want to rise up and war with the enemy according to the word of God, it is time that the church rises up and take whatever measures necessary, according to Word of God, and wage war with the adversary. My aunt always says it like this, "the devil don't fight fair so why should I" and I for one totally agree, it is time out for us being so polite with that vile and wicked enemy. I believe that this song will assist you guys with this, for it is a sound from the heart of God. Coming Soon...

A New Venture!!

I am starting out on this music journey and I am excited for the future!!