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Rock will never die !!!

We are ready to rock this Saturday night in sarnia at the Stubborn Mule

2012 in review !!!!

2012 in review : Pöwer Hoüse is still out rocking every place they play.. Starting out Easter weekend of 2012 ,with there first show with 3rd wave ,,Pöwer Hoüse shocked the crowd that night ,,with the skills of the boys and amazing vocals of Will. Since then the boys have played in bars such as Lizards bar and grill,,Union Station,,Jack Doyles,played at Paradise Valley and did many benefits ,,For Love of Joanne,,end of school bash (suicide awareness) ,and many more,,and we can't forget Skate jam !!! Also opening up for Bob Knoxious in petrolia at Hard Oiler,,and also did a show with Cauldron and few other bands at Trinity Lounge !!! They preformed a special show for Shuvit appearal in point edward !!and few stag and does ,, also doing couple shows at Playfair music!!!! Then finishing off the year with an ultimate 80's New Years Bash with 3rd wave at ,The Stubborn Mule !!! So the boys had a busy year !! The road has been filled with great memories and great people,,but they still had their ups and downs like other bands getting started !!! With a new member joining the band near the end of the year ,,the boys continued to push forward,, Zack McDonald still ripping the guitar and Chris Fraser Jr. still hitting those drum solo's,,, Benjamin Himes leaving the bass guitar behind and stepping up to play six string ,, leaving a spot for Sean Schramzy to take over bass and join the band,,and we can't forget Will Hughes,,still singing his heart out doing Tributes to bands like,,,,cinderella,,Poison,,Van Halen,,Guns n Roses and of coarse Motley Crue. Together these boys,,,,grabbing the attention of the old school rockers and many other new fans are still going strong,,letting people know " ROCK WILL NEVER DIE " and Pöwer Hoüse is here to stay !!!! So where are they headed for 2013??? guess you will have to wait and watch !!!! but we all know... We will see you at Bridge Bash !!!!

Thanks to all the fans and people who supported Pöwer Hoüse

Sarnia Ontario's youngest 80's rock tribute band

We are Sarnia ontario's youngest 80's tribute band !!!

rock will never die !!!!