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Rockin Summer of Guitar !!!!!

Well it's looking like a packed summer of events, both Archangel and , me the "Shredder", Guitar masters Unite, and master N Musicians events, and Archangel live in several locations ...Good to get out and play onstage...always a fun time to feel the air flowin above the notes, well hope all of you peeps out there have a rockin, safe and prosperous summer !!!!!! Vito

Archangel is Ramping Up!

Well it's almost that time of the year to get out on the runway, and ramp-up the engines, and fly to the stars with the new line-up, we are destined for great opportunity and we are up for that challenge and welcome it. ARCHANGEL is ready to take on all comers, and ready to step up to the rock and roll plate, and smash the bsll right oer the fence, it's as they say ...clobbering time !!!! keep posted, we are gonna be BIG this year God bless, VITO

Gotta love the new Lineup !

Well rock n roll is always a new twist, and turn, so with great pleasure, I'd personally like to welcome the new additions into our act, both of whom bring a boat load of talent to the act, as well as all around excitement. Tammy lara is a accomplished Arranger/Keyboardist/Pianist, and vocalist, former performing Arts Grad, who has performed for some time professionally , she brings a energy and ability that will bring Ly'on7 up from the charts, Connor Mc Clinton is a phenom on Bass, he is a seasoned Bassist, who spreads the notes big time under my guitar riffs, and brings Paul the drummer out of the bottom depths, total pro chops and a great pro attitude to boot, these additions are very exciting and I believe what was necessary to put Ly'0n7 to the next level, welcome aboard !!!! Vito

Summertime 2013

A lot going on in the music these days, shows and such, hard to find time to even breathe with life stuff, family stuff, and of course the recording of several new tunes for "Return To The Vibe" Cd, coming soon :). In the effort of passion, and energy, the tunes so far on the CD , vary in technique and style, but have one thing in common, they are from the soul where it all starts, from God thru me , to you :), it's a beautiful and rewarding process, one that I dont take lightly, afterall when God gives you a ability, you must share it with all to bring a little bit of light to a otherwise darkened world, be blessed all, and enjoy your summer of 2013 :) Vito

Rockin for God

The idea that a Christian can't rock is foolish, we are rock musicians that are Christian based in our beliefs, and grounded in the rock "Christ" , but we best exemplify these gifts with our abilities, and our willingness to use them to provide a sound for ear's to enjoy, knowing where it all comes from ...so rock on my friends..Vito