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Robert, Thank you and the rest of the team for a great evening of music and worship. Thank you for the encouragement and God’s blessings upon each of you as you minister the Gospel. Bill Cardin LCC Chaplain

Prison Ministry 2013

Finaly have time for a quick update. I was blessed with being called to do a last minute jail outreach concert with the band Repent. I prayed before giving the "yes" as I was quite tired and have been working out of town. The Lord simply said "Do this for Me". The concert went well with Repent doing a great job of ministering thru music & testimony. I believe at least 2 or 3 got saved and many stood for prayer.There were quite a few people visabley touched by the service. What an awesome night!

Larch Mtn. Corrections

Robert, Thanks for bringing the ministry of Repent to Larch Corrections Center. I could tell the men were blessed by your ministry. Bill Cardin LCC Facility Chaplain

Prison Ministry

"What a great time of ministry last night with the band "Repent" at Larch Corrections. They did such a super time of ministering from the stage. Robert shared how God healed him of drug addiction, a life of homelessness many years ago and really connected with the inmates. At the end of the evening 18 men either rededicated their lives to Jesus or recieved him as their Savior for the first time. Praise God for his faithfulness. There is still much work to do... Here I am Lord, Send me." - Mark Smith, Ministry Music & P.A. (Nov 18, 2012)