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Thinkin Bout U (lyrics)

Chorus Thinking bout you, oh nah nah nah(7x) Do u thing about me still? do you? do you?

damn sitting chilling reminiscing kinda regretting letting my ego get to me but u know what imma have fun tonight aint thinking bout u tonight blackberry filled with females pics on my gmail hehe(laugh) thought i settled for the best got rid of the rest but then she left now am back at it agian but this time outta pain and no maryjane now u left me for tat ni##uh guss i aint good enought damn life is ruff yeah its tuff but u gone regret it cuz u said it im the best at it now he enjoying sloppy seconds and ur got my blessing you alswas gonna be on my mind but not gonna let u f### with my grind so im thinking outta state outta mind so im just steady waiting thats all im saying i aint playing and i know u thinking of me when u kissing him just keeping it real and um see


back at it new chapter hating the hang over but probably do it all over cuz its hard staying sober when u heart broken i mean just being real and my music probably give you power cuz u know im in pain but im urbane remember that and if u ever comback id been moved on my feelings dead an gone but memories is life time riding solo tonight scoping out dimes writing rhymes music my new grind always been a poet living life to the fullest see bad feelings good experience cuz u give me shit to write about and right now schools bout to be out so summer bout to be popping bout to be partying hookah lounge always doing somthing and i hope ur life is splendid its bitter sweat taht it ended i hope he treat u right but that aint my fight so yeah, haha