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listening to the radio i have noticed lyrical content seems to be becoming less and less important in main stream hits. People are so focused on making music that they think every else want to hear that they forget to put thier own personal flavor on the generic ass scheme it takes to make a hit. They forget lyric's are what makes a person last in this business (the Nas's/ Jayz/Snoop Lion'z/ Waynes/ nd Cassidy's all made their mark in the game by changing the way things where said and adding their own perspectives to old problems and questions. An hip hop artist is supposed to be a scholor and p gimics are often one hit wonders(Cash out/Vanilla ice/ and alot lot more of rappers who are to irrelevant to think of) I pride myself on my lyrical ablity much like The major hip hop artist. A hip hop artist is just that an artist somone who can use word to make you feel anyway they want u tew A rapper is nothing more than a face of ghost writers or a hook machine.