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One love, Faith a.k.a. Sugah.

"Manager/Producer/Composer/Song Writer/Artist/Guitarist: Al Vegas. Our Team welcome's all genre's. We love and appreciate music of every era and global. Anything from the 1920's all the way to the country of Africa. We take a little bit of everything, and absorb the beauty of it all. Remember to always put God first in your life. He will surely bless you, and give you all of your hearts desires. Music = Life. All we want to do is satisfy your soul with our music. We hope we can do that for you. Stick around or you'll miss the Al Vegas wave. We will definitely keep you posted. Feel free to check us out on youtube under "Da Soulution", "The Real Al Vegas", and "Mssugartyme". One love, Faith a.k.a. Sugah. "

— One love, Faith a.k.a. Sugah.

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Hope you all enjoy our Positive Vibes. stay tuned for some good times with us