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Back to Zion and the Clouds

We all have friends some better than others. When you realize that a friend has a problem you try to help right? Now what if their life was in danger? You would help...right? Don't just stand by and hope they make the right decisions... Time and time again once someone around me dies you start hearing the bullshit people spew, saying they could have helped them or how they should have taken the advise they were given. To a person who randomly hears it, it's no big deal like it's a venting process. However when you know who these people are and that they left their friends to deal with a Substance abuse problem on their own (or anything severe), none of what they say makes sense. How could you leave your "Friend" to go down that path alone? Why didn't you stay and try to help them? Further more why would you tell everyone you were so close to them when you pushed them away in their time of need? Those who have done this, i hope you realize the level of betrayal you have succumbed to. I pray people will read this and treat their friends/neighbors /Ect with the respect they deserve. Don't turn your back on the people who need you, who were there for you in your time of need. One day you will look around and see whos still standing beside you in the trials of life. It's up to you who you will see. is it a (Judas) or a (Saint)?

I Hope you all find your bliss... R.I.P Everyone