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Hamerex in first heat of TBFM Factor 2016.

We’re pleased to confirm that out of 408 bands that applied from around the world, Hamerex have made it in to the top 100 and are in the first Heat of the biannual TBFM Factor 2016.

In this radio battle of the bands, we will be going up against 9 other bands in the heat, which takes place on Sunday 17th January, with the top two making their way to the semi finals.

Fans will be deciding who progresses to the next round as the voting opens to the public once the show on TBFM concludes, with the successful bands being announced the following week.

To vote, you can visit www.tbfmfactor.com and to tune in to the show for heat one, go to www.tbfmonline.com on Sunday 17th January at 5pm.

Prizes for the competition include:


A 6 months TBFM Management contract offer (doesn’t have to be accepted) Front cover and 4 page feature in the June 2016 edition of the TBFM Magazine A full website design/re-design package worth up to £1,000 A lyric/animated video from an award winning animator worth up to £350 A 3 month PR package from Stampede Press 12 month Ernie Ball guitar strings endorsement worth over £1,000 A paid gig at Resin Events venue – The Firebug, Leicester (date to be arranged) A 3-4 gig tour with Lost Island Bookings (paid)


Interview in TBFM Magazine 3 month PR package from Down The Rabbit Hole PR


3 months free advertising on TBFM Website Paid gig offers from Resin Events (based in Leicester) Featured in the TBFM Magazine A press release to all major media outlets promoting your band

We hope to have your support for the competition, and you can keep up to date with us on Facebook and Twitter.

The Last Ride free to download and discount code for the weekend.

As many of you know, tomorrow marks the 11 year anniversary of the band forming. The last couple of years, you'll also be aware that we've had sales on, where we've dropped the price of our merch.

This year, for only 24 hours, starting at midnight tonight, we will be making the digital version of The Last Ride E.P. free to download on our bandcamp page. However, we would like to make you aware that we have a 200 free download limit. Basically it only allows for 50 people to download the full E.P before it returns to a paid status, so make sure you get in early. If we can extend that limit then we will.

Also, from right now, you can buy anything that's available on our bandcamp store, digital and physical, at 50% off if you use the 11yearsofmadness discount code at checkout. This will be available all weekend, with the code ending at 11:59 UTC on Sunday.


Hamerex featured on Lunatic Fist Radio show tonight

We are being featured on the Lunatic Fist show on www.neueregelradio.com. The show starts at 6pm GMT and will feature all 4 songs from The Last Ride E.P. We unfortunately won't be in the chat tonight as we're recording some of the new album, but be sure to tune in for a great 3 hours of music!

Hamerex to re-release Rites of Passage digitally on IX Music

We're pleased to confirm that we will be re-releasing our debut album Rites of Passage digitally through our IX Music label on 11th September since our deal with Casket Music has expired. We currently have CD copies available on our websites, but due to complications, we're unable to do a full physical re-release at this time, which we still hope to rectify in the near future. Rites of Passage will be available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and a number of other digital retailers and streaming services.

Steve and Daz interviewed by Robex Lundgren

Have any of you played in other bands? Steve: I personally haven’t been in any other bands Daz: Yes been in various bands through out the years, still in another band at the moment

How is it that you started playing music? Steve: I’ve always wanted to. I always used to emulate the bands I loved when I was younger, making guitars out of Lego and making stages out of dining chairs. But I started properly just before I turned 16 and some of the Metallica riffs my uncle taught me how to play actually stuck. Daz: I started to learn the drums when I discovered rock music at age 17, I used to play along to my favourite tracks by Guns n roses and Bon Jovi etc.

What are your names? / Who plays what? / How old are you? Steve: I’m Steve, I’m 29, nearly 30 ,and I front the band playing guitar. Our other guitarist is Andy, and he’s a couple of months older than me. Daz: I am Darren Kelsall, age 39 and I play the drums.

Have you had other previous members? Steve: We’ve had plenty, too many to list really.

Did you make music even when you were young? Steve: I started writing music when I was 16 I think, or 17. I suppose it depends what you class as being young. Daz: From the early days of being in bands, I have always contributed some song lyrics.

Where are you from? Steve: We all live near Wakefield in the UK, though that’s where the band is based.

What year did the band form? Steve: As Hamerex, it formed in August 2004. I was trying to get a band going before that under different names.

What’s your style of genre? Steve: We’re just a heavy metal band, but we do venture in to Thrash or Doom if you like. We’ve all got different influences so we’ve got a lot of variety in our music.

What inspires you? Steve: Music mostly, but something or anything exciting I find really inspiring and ideas can just come out of nowhere.

How often and where do you reherse? Steve: We rehearse weekly in Wakefield.

How have you developed since you started with the music? Steve: I think we’ve come a very long way to how we started. My songwriting abilities I think have improved greatly from say 10 years ago, though I still love some of the old stuff we have. Right now with how we’ve been writing the new album and how thinngs have changed in the last year, I think we’re quite a different band.

Do you have other interests of work outside the band? Steve: Video games are my other big interest outside of the band and music. Daz: I love fishing & spending time with my wife at the caravan.

Are you looking for a booking agency, and what are your thoughts around that? Steve: Yeah, I mean we won’t turn our noses up at a booking agency or manager, but we’ve been stung before so to speak, twice actually, so any deal has to be right and benefit the band first and foremost.

Are you looking for a label, and what are your thoughts around that? Steve: Again, if there was a major label offer or a label that could actually do something for us then yeah, I don’t see why not, but we set up our own label because of two bad experiences, one of the situations is still ongoing, and we need a lot of trust, which of course I know needs to go both ways, but if it doesn’t benefit the band or can’t do any more than what we can do ourselves, it’s not worth it.

What made you decide to make this music? Steve: My love of the genre when growing up. Iron Maiden and Metallica were my two biggest inspirations musically, especially when I was very young. I love the melodies, vocally and musically and that’s what I want to be able to do, not just do nonsensical thrashing and sticking in as many notes as possible or screaming. Daz: making music / playing in bands was a natural progression, this was mainly due to the love of music.

Read the complete interview at: http://ghgumman.blogg.se/2015/july/interview-with-hamerex.html

Vote Hamerex To Play Rock 'N' Wrestle Festival

Once again we're in a vote to get one of 2 slots left on this years Rock 'n' Wrestle Festival and we need you guys to vote for us. All you have to do is go to http://www.rocknwrestle.co.uk/ and vote for us (They've spelt our name as Hammerex) You don't have to register and only takes a minute so please head over and give us your vote.

Vote Hamerex To Play Rock N Wrestle

This is the basic Facebook from the Hamerex page

Rock N Wrestle has announced its line-up for the 3 day rock and wrestling event from 9th-11th September. There are still 5 slots available and we're in the vote for it so we're asking for all of our friends and fans to please help us and go to http://www.rocknwrestle.co.uk/site/news.php register on the site and vote for Hamerex in the poll to be apart of the line-up which also happens to be Steve's birthday weekend.

For those who have and are going to vote for us we thank you very much as it would be a massive opportunity for the band and would be an excellent 26th birthday present for Steve (the old bugger)

Gigs Cancelled Due To Jockey Closure

Our upcoming gigs at the Jockey in Wakefield have been cancelled as the pub has now closed down. We'd like to apologize to everyone that was intending to come along and we are absolutely guttered about it. We hope those of you that were going to come will come to our gig at the Snooty Fox in April with Narcotic Death, SevenYearsDead and Esclavage. We apologize once again and hope to see you soon.

aLive in 2009

Hamerex are currently booking gigs for the upcoming year with a determination to make their upcoming CD successful. The band are currently playing dates in Bradford, Wakefield and Castleford as well as trying to book some others around the country.

Current Dates The New Beehive Inn - Bradford - Friday 9th Jan The Jockey - Wakefield - Saturday 17th Jan The Lion - Castleford - Sunday 22nd Feb Snooty Fox - Wakefield - Saturday 4th Apr The Jockey -Wakefield - Saturday 4th Jul

D-Day Coming Soon