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We're back!

We began working on a new song.Looking forward to sharing soon. Thanks. Kristi and Dex

Yesterday's Weeds

This song is a collaboration between myself and Nich Franks, a creative guitarist, but most importantly, my son. His work on the song is forevermore appreciated.

Yesterday's Weeds is referring to the mistakes we have made in our past and how they affect our lives today.

Written by Dexter Montgomery

Composed by Dexter Montgomery and Nich Franks

Electric guitar riffs in intro, chorus, instrumental break and outro: Nich Franks

Rhythm Guitar: Dexter Montgomery

Lead Guitar: Dexter Montgomery

Bass Guitar: Dexter Montgomery

Keyboard: Dexter Montgomery

Backup vocals: Nich Franks, Dexter Montgomery and my wife, Kristi

Thank you so much for listening.

Your Friend, Dex

I would like to dedicate this song to my Mother, friend, and confidante, Dorothy "Dot". She left us on a Wednesday in March but will live forever in our hearts and minds. We love and miss you so much, Mom.