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Prepping for the studio

Tyson and I first started recording demos for this album more than a year ago in my home studio. (It was in "Studio B" which is when I move all the recording gear up from the basement to the dining room). We did not get very far with it though there were a few good takes. The problem was that I was trying to get the timing nailed down so we were using click tracks and that just sucked the energy out of our performance. Plus “Studio B” has no isolation so we were trying to lay down all the parts separately, which also takes out the interplay between instruments. So when my wife requested that I dismantle the dining room studio so she could have an uncluttered party (sheesh) we kind of put the recording on simmer. Time passes and we decide that we should add another member to beef up our dynamics. Ryan joined and the band took on a very different sound. Our confidence increased and the live shows became much more energetic. When talk of recording came up again Ryan injected the idea that we could go in to an actual professional studio to do it. This blew my mind because recording at home had always just been the way I did things. We did the research and found that some studios are actually very reasonably priced. Even some studios where real, professional bands record! We agreed on the Type Foundry which is where some of my favourite Portland and national acts have laid down their albums. Since we booked the dates we have focused our practices and shows on the songs we plan on recording to get them as tight as possible. More on that soon…