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Get a FREE PASS to our next broadcast!

One of the perks of being a Love Darling fan is you get a free pass to see any of the Love Pong Broadcasts we do each month. What is a "Love Pong Broadcast"? It's a live music broadcast hosted by Love Darling, where we perform original songs as well as one special fan requested cover song on the last Sunday of every month. With a live chat, you can interact with us during the real-time broadcast just like you were right here with us in our recording studio. Because its an online broadcast, you can tune in right from the comfort of your living room...in your pajamas if you wish! Its different every time...and its LIVE! We even take on the spot song requests, so make sure to tune in to see what happens!

The next broadcast is happening on Sunday, May 25th @ 4pm PST. So, if you wanna check out the show, just let us know!

RSVP on Facebook or email us at vip@lovedarlingmusic.com and we'll send you a free pass or free ticket to watch the show on May 25th @ 4pm pst!

The show will go live at this link on Sunday: https://www.stageit.com/love_darling_presents/the_may_2014_love_pong_broadcast/36871

SO, grab your seat, sit back, relax, and let's rock!

P.S. Our top supporter for this session will get a special 15-20 minute google+ hangout with the band and will get an exclusive invite to sound check with us for our June broadcast too!

XO, Shay, Mike, Dany Love Darling http://www.lovedarlingmusic.com

Save Water, Shower Together: Love Darling performs @ The Viper Room Mar 26th!

So (some of us) got naked and created this PSA video with PLAYBOY SCHOOL to promote saving water, community showering & our upcoming show at the legendary Viper Room, March 26 @ 8PM! It will be an evening of SONIC HYDRATION, electro-rock, indie-pop and most likely more inappropriate touching with a monkey loofah. http://youtu.be/2vQ5R9zHhbw

BEATNIK JR (http://www.beatnikjr.com) LOVE DARLING (http://www.lovedarlingmusic.com) PLAYBOY SCHOOL (http://www.playboyschool.net) DIVE

So for all you local Los Angeles peeps, GO GRAB TICKETS NOW for the show and get them for only $7 plus get a free music download from both Love Darling and Playboy School!! Its ok if you don't have a loofah...just come join us for an electro rock show to remember! See you there!


xo, Shay, Mike, Dany Love Darling

It’s 2014. Sounds like a sci-fi movie and we’ve got 21 songs from the future

READ THE ORIGINAL BLOG POST HERE: http://lovedarlingmusic.com/nebula/21-songs-from-the-future/

Sonic Salutations and a Happy New Year from the creative trio that is Love Darling! Although we’ve been studio-bound hermits for much of it, 2013 was quite a year for all of us and we hope you had an epic New Year’s blow out and started the year off properly with good friends, family and slightly inebriated friendly strangers with green eyes for good luck!

Sadly, we were separated by continents as Dan was visiting family in Brazil for the holidaze, but we are now reunited and ready to officially release the new 21-song album, The Nebula Yearbook, into the new sci-fi world of 2014!

And we’d like to thank everyone who has already pre-ordered a Key Pak with excessive appreciation for helping us start off the year with enthusiasm and excitement to continue creating more songs and videos, and hopefully perform a show on a stage near you at some point this year!

More exciting updates and sonic sun-flare transmissions coming soon, so stay tuned!

Here’s to lost highways, inappropriate touching and rock and roll rabbit holes,

Mike Love Darling

PRE-ORDER a special USB Key loaded with the new album, The Nebula Yearbook!

We're so excited to announce our newest release, The Nebula Yearbook! We've put our blood, sweat and whiskey infused, nebula inspired tears into this 30 song album to create something really special for our fans. And its available now in two PRE-ORDER options!

If you pre-order the new album, you not only get us closer to our goal to shoot a new music video but you instantly get to DOWNLOAD the full album and you get a special USB Key loaded with more music, videos and images from Love Darling! Plus, you will also get PRODUCER CREDIT on our next official music video for one of the singles on The Nebula Yearbook!

So, hurry and grab a Nebula USB Key and be a part of The Nebula Yearbook! http://www.lovedarlingmusic.com/love-darling-pawnshop/preorder

Thanks for all the love and support!!

xo, Shay, Mike, Dany Love Darling --------- http://www.lovedarlingmusic.com http://www.twitter.com/love_darling http://www.facebook.com/lovedarlingband http://pinterest.com/pinlovedarling

The Occupant Theory is Here!

The Occupant Theory is almost here!! For a limited time, you can preorder the vinyl & digital album and receive two extra unreleased bonus tracks from Love Darling! The new album features the singles "Magnetic Ring" and "Little Black Dress"... http://www.lovedarlingmusic.com/preorder

Get a PRE-RELEASE of our new album, The Occupant Theory!

Hey all! I'm sure you've seen some stuff bubbling up about our new Kickstarter campaign to raise money to record and release our newest full length album...you've been hearing whispers of this album, and finally, we are ready to lay it down on both digital and vinyl! We've been diligently writing and exploring our new sound since the Sunshine Dust EP last year, and we think we've stumbled onto something special...

But we are looking to you, our fans, to help us reach our $$$ goal by Sept 19th. We put together some kickstarter pledge packages that have some really cool stuff in them that we think you'll dig and as a thank you for pledging...everything from limited edition tshirts and hoodies, to signed CDs, vinyl, and acoustic guitars, to Love Darling live performances just for you!

So, please check out our kickstarter page here: http://tinyurl.com/LoveDarlingsKickstarter and go get you some of The Occupant Theory! If all of you spread the word and get other friends turned on to Love Darling, we will hit our goal, and you'll not only be showered with love and appreciation from us, but you'll also have a shiny new Love Darling album to feed your eardrums...yay!

You all are what inspires us to do what we do...thank you for your support and inspiration!

xo, Shay, Mike, Christian Love Darling

The blueprints for Sunshine Dust...

So we've finally finished recording our latest EP, Sunshine Dust, and are super excited to get out and play some of the new songs for all of you! This 9 song EP, co-produced by Gordon Raphael (The Strokes, Regina Spektor), is a true reflection of our new sound, and the musical chemistry between Mike, Christian and myself. We will have the actual CDs available at our show at Cinespace in Hollywood, on the 4th of July, so come on out and get you some ;)

Also, if you join our fanlist and become a Darling, we'll shower you with goodies including a special price on the new EP...so go to www.lovedarlingmusic.com and join if you haven't already...

Cheers! Shay, Mike, Christian Love Darling