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Urbanismz is a concept album, built on top of garbage trucks, laundromats, shady restaurants and parking lot construction sites in the abundance of cheddar cheese bagel twists, broken (Boston Cream pie) donuts, egg and cheese croissants and midnight coffee, drowned by vats of water and vitamin C. Forbidden Knowledge headquarters are situated on the corner of the loudest six corner intersection in Chicago.

The Laughing Man (and Ni Fu Ni Fa Records)

The Laughing Man started at a very young age with a desire to build a bomb that would make people dance instead of people dying and causing nations to go to war. After permanently searing off his eyebrows in an experiment gone awry, he decided it would be safer to make music instead. He played in a T-Rex cover band in his youth and realized his dream of having a spoons solo in a live performance with a Latvian Marching Band in the Daugavpils Town Festival. Since then, his dream has been to rule the world with a plastic fist.


Forbidden Knowledge is a musical group and recording collaboration formed by musicians Nino Arobelidze and Pablo Gordy. With individual projects already under their belts, the pair met in early 2012 and began playing sessions together at Laughing Man Studios in Chicago. They quickly determined that an album could easily be created when the duo exchanged song ideas and began to record in June of 2012. Forbidden Knowledge's first full length album, "Urbaniszms" was released on August 15, 2012. FK is currently in rehearsal for its "Urbanismz" tour