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This Weekend...

We're not playing this weekend due to a CD release party at Moxie and my Dad's Birthday Sunday. This is the first break we took since starting and it's much deserved as my baby bro is flying in from out of town. We'll be introducing him to the stage soon! Hope you're ready, Ruru!!

2) Special Requests - 8/21/12 (10:23 PM)

Velvet requested a couple of songs be recorded and posted--"You Spoke To Me" a song written in honor of Camp 'Anu'enu'e and Ikaika and "More Than Enough", because she never heard it before. Taped it last night (this time we're in it) and should be up in a day or two.

1) Kickstarter Saturday - 8/18/12 (10:30PM)

Looks like kickstarter is the way to go to fund this album. Made some new friends this afternoon who have some experience with funded projects so we'll see.

For tomorrow...Gotta give Margot a call and see if she's gonna make it to beer night to jam. But in the morning it's work.

On a side note, took the kids to watch MIB 3 and they loved it. I have to admit it was the best one of the series.