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29 New tracks out, 2 full EP's May the month be nice/may the month get better (The first half I was still drinking)

tons of new content soon

i have several EP's that ive been working on lately ill be uploading them soon, sorry i havent uploaded in a while, life took over, yall know what i mean

New Album Up "White Walls and Bright Lights"

New album up DID freestyles about bits of my childhood being abducted and brainwashed by 'we all know who'

also working on a new album the EP will be out soon called "March Kid March"

150+ Next Step

im going to be putting out new album in a month or so, new uploads go up almost every day though, make sure to check in regularly, thanks to everyone for all the support so far

The Blue World and BACK

It's going to take me a long time to upload, i have between 150-200 original tracks that I've been doing since the end of june 2012 my music is a mix of poetry that i used to write and 100% disassociated freestyles, I cannot stress enough the level of disassociation of these freestyles I will literally black out and record from my subconscious mind