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Check out EViL ME's new EP available NOW!

Thats rights folks, we have worked long and hard (thats what she said) to bring you our first Self Titled EP! Now ya'll can continue to be stenggy bastards and stream it here on RN for free all the time or ya'll can head on over to http://evilme.bandcamp.com/album/evil-me and pick ya-selves up a digital copy of the album to hold ya'll over till we get compact discs on the shelves, for only $1 for the first week of release, like all things, after the first week the price is going up, but hell, if a dollar is to much for ya right now you can pick the song you like the most and hit the BUY link were you will be directed to a place were ya'll can get that song for just fitty cent! And of course there is an option for you to add a little more $$ and show us some love if you ever feel you didn't pay enuff! Until then or next time, which ever comes first, Germ Evil out!