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Thank You All

On the 15 th of January 2013 Envious Despair went from being ranked 61st on the Reverbnation Joburg Metal Charts to ranking in 8th place!!! And going from (somewhere in 200) to ranking 19th in the National charts for SA Metal This is so insane thank you guys SOOOOOOOO FREEEEEEEEAKIN' MUCH!!! We love all our fans, the ED-Hedz who have made this possible. You guys just made our YEAR!!!. When we saw we we're 8th we we're like no way thats gotta be a typo. But it wasn't you guys supported us so much that we fired 53 spots up the charts. This is huge and means a lot to the band in more ways than you might think. Its really hard to even contain ourselves! We promise all our fans that this year will be an awesome year for all our ED-Hedz and we hope to see you at our gigs soon!

Envious Despair official emblem

Hey guys! What do you think of our official emblem {profile picture} send us your feedback. To us it looks awesome and fits our style perfectly! We will have it copyrited soon! Now anytime ya"ll see that it can only mean one thing! ENVIOUS DESPAIR is coming to town!

Silent Hill ...

Some stuff about this song Recorded: 2 October 2012 Written: 2 October 2012 by Kyle Bloxam and Mike Barker Style: Black Metal Instruments: Kyle Bloxam Vocals (Highs): Mike Barker Vocals (Lows): Kyle Bloxam Lyrics by Mike Barker Envious Despairs Mike Barker has worked with Kyle Bloxam from a black metal band still unnamed to bring you the masterpiece of Silent Hill, a tribute to the game and movie. Silent Hill fans will know where we got our lyrics from. We were inspired by the brutal and horrific game silent hill and decided to make a theme song for it which I think we accomplished. It would be really cool to hear our song for a new Silent Hill game. Just to let all our Envious Despair fans know (those without Metal subgenre knowledge) is that we don't sound like Black Metal at all we just wanted to do this for fun and cuz I always wanted to give Silent Hill a matching creepy theme song...but who knows maybe there will be a new band on the arise in the future. We wrote and recorded this song in less than a day, but it is still only the demo version and we will release the studio quality version in the near future. Hope you enjoy the song cuz we certainly do -Mike-