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Brandon King joins the Endometrium bloodbath!!

That's right folks; Endo has finally nabbed a new bass player!!! Bringing a fresh groove and powerful chops, this young talent has proven to be motivated, dedicated, elongated and inebriated!! Welcome to the fam, Brandon \m/

New Endo song at The Brimstone... tonight!!!

Hello, my valued Endometri-ites! Tonight at The Brimstone we will be performing a new song called "Left-Hand Version". The title is misleading as it has nothing to do with the subject matter, ha ha. It is more of a reference to how it was written (clue: play a certain song off of our first album "Infinite Profanities" in a sort-of reverse/upside-down fashion). The lyrics are about a man who promises to never leave a woman to whom he is mentally abusive... not very nice, is he?

Newest Endo song in the works!!

Just last Thursday (July 26th, 2012), myself (Dwayne), Joe and TJ were just chillin after an unrelated jam. I mentioned to TJ that I had been working on lyrics for a "Death" style tribute to Chuck Schuldiner. It's not a song about Chuck, but a song that is heavily influenced by that great man. TJ replies: "I got this riff I've been working on...". With that, the three of us jammed it out for a bit and ended up with an almost complete tune!! Very excited for this one, folks!