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Artist Spotlight - THAT RACKET Kicking off the month of July with an all new edition of Artist Spotlight! Today, we head up to Andover, MA and check in with the emerging and vivacious sounds of That Racket. The band consists of Matt Giolito on drums and percussion, Daniel Short on lead vocals, Alex Mazzarese on guitar, and Guy Landerson on bass. The band has an intense, frenetic sound that takes influences from all over the musical spectrum such as The Rolling Stones and The Ramones with a fast-paced, intense sound that features dynamic changes in tempo and a strong musical sense of who they are as musicians. I caught these guys in concert this past Thursday at The Middle East Upstairs where they opened up for Dave Crespo's After Party, and I was completely blown away by their stage presence that totally had me sold from the get go, and I was impressed with the collective musical knowledge that they have amassed at such a remarkable young age. From Daniel's spastic gyrations on stage that evoked Mick Jagger, to Matt's impeccable shirtless drum skills, these guys definitely have all the components necessary to take it to the next level. A great undiscovered local band that is best experienced live in concert. Some recommended songs for you to check out from them include "Mandarin Oranges" and "Too Close To Home".

For more information on the boys in That Racket, head on over to their Facebook page here and don't forget to 'Like' it as well so that you can stay up to date with all the happenings going on in their world. The band's music is available on their ReverbNation page located right over here for your listening pleasure, and check out their official YouTube page located here so that you can see firsthand what these boys are all about.

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