Mathias and the Pirates / Blog

New EP is out!

Our brand new EP "Caveman Barnacles" is out and available for streaming and purchase! Check our reverbnation page www.reverbnation.com/mathiasandthepirates and also www.mathias.bandcamp.com.. itunes and spotify, etc are coming very soon!

New album available now!

We are excited to announce that our brand new album "Life of the Buzzard" is officially out and available for download! Here is the magic link: http://farfetched.bandcamp.com/album/life-of-the-buzzard


The new album is almost done! One collab with the mighty Brothers Lazarof and a bunch of mixing and that's a wrap. Release date (spring) to be announced soon!

Nominate us!

The RFT in STL is asking for nominations for the upcoming music awards.. Mathias & The Pirates would like to be considered for best new band. Click the link and leave a comment saying how awesome we are below the story! http://blogs.riverfronttimes.com/rftmusic/2013/02/2013_rft_music_awards_nominees.php

Welcome to the #piratemusic app!

We sail the seven seas in search of the finest beats and most delicious combinations of melodies and wordplay, and you keep up with our adventures on your smart phone. Welcome to the Plunderdome!