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Gary Fulton is an Acoustic/Folk Singer/Songwriter based in Winsford Cheshire Gary has supported the likes of Martin Stephenson, Nic Harper, Karima Francis, Paul Wilkes, Buswell, Julie Gordon (Happy Mondays), The Travelling Band, Run Toto Run, Tom Hingely (Inspiral Carpets) the Dukes of Portland, the Mono lp’s and many more Live radio sessions broadcast on Cheshire fm, dj Scottish John’s acoustic moods and the hive regular airplay on Cheshire fm WWW.MYSPACE.COM/GARYFULTON Praise for Gary Fulton "the sound captured is as close to folk as it gets; old country, fable, roadside table, dealin’ and wheelin’, Blackjack Davey, small towns gone crazy – old new American West. " Datura Stramonium Live review DeBees website "like the starkness of the track. It's got the feel of a track from the early 50s folk revival, just before it migrated into skiffle. It seems to have taken that rawness and feel for the tradition and added a contemporary almost punk touch to it.I like the way it's got a cyclical feel to the track that gives it a sense of energy and movement. Similarly I like the feel of the lyric, that it feels as if it could have been written in the last fifty or so years. Really enjoyed it, it's got a feel to it of a track that knows it's history and knows where it's going." Neil, Fatea on 'A Tipple for the Rogue' "Brilliant - it made me feel nostalgic for my lost years of listening to the Levellers and being carefree." Jackie Oates on 'A Tipple for the Rogue' "Nice track, I like the rhythm, had my foot tapping" Emily Smith on a 'a Tipple for the Rogue' "it's coolio! Great feel" Cara Luft on a 'Tipple for the Rogue' "What better to do than listen to a Mr Fulton tune And may I say, quite excellent" Martin Stephenson on a 'Tipple for a Rogue' "Wail And Holler" is an album that it's easy to imagine being performed live. You can almost feel it in a bothy, the audience singing along to the choruses. It's music that can be performed anywhere and feels at home there." Fatea records website "congratulations on a brilliant album of straight forward, uncluttered, pure, English, Indie Folk. There is nothing more joyous to me than a gift of music, particularly when the songwriting is 100% sincere. I love TIPPLE FOR THE ROGUE,STARS and BURNIN' A WITCH - although it's probably unfair to single any track out as they all blend into a cracking piece of work." Pete*Shields songwriter/promoter "Old favourites like Showers, English Rain and Burnin' A Witch, songs I've often played to the CheshireFM audience, catch the attention but no more or less than more recent offerings and all with the same wit of text and narrative complete with uncluttered arrangements allowing the songs to live amongst each other harmoniously." Scottish John Radio DJ. fatea review of ’wail and holler’ click here..................... http://www. fatea-records. co. uk/magazine/garyfulton. html Belgian review in Rootstime