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Roundin It Out (Archived 9/26)

We're gettin towards the end of Session 2.

A long day consisting of multiple parts of recording. Dubs, Trio, and background work.

We have some highlights already, and we haven't even mixed down yet. The thickness and overall composition of the record itself is really fantastic!

(full version here: http://jimjoustramusicfinemachines.blogspot.com/2012/09/we-roundin-out-recording.html)

Lunch Break (Archived 9/26)

Hey cats-

Lunch break here at "Let 'em In' Studios".

(full seen here: http://jimjoustramusicfinemachines.blogspot.com/2012/09/lunch-break.html) Today the schedule happened this way:

The day started out with Nate Allen. He dubbed banjo parts for "Alton Levy", "Distant Shores", and "Picking Up Steam".

Next, we recorded as a live trio. "Jesus & Skip James", "Where the River Runs", "Binary Stars", "Airport Bar", and "Bottle Blonde".

We took lunch, and now Dan is tracking vocals on "Where the River Runs".

I'll keep you posted on any new details.

Thanks for Reading - JJ

Odubs/Tracking/Vocals (Archived 9/25)

It's gettin down to the end of Day 1. We are extremely pleased what we finished in 8 hours.

We tracked: Alton Levy Yesterdays Clothes Blood Orange Picking Up Steam Distant Shores

We're amazed by our productivity today! Just about half way done with the studio work.

Tomorrow is a new day! Just an hour of finishing touches, then on to the next tunes!

Once again, thank you to Nadim and his wonderful hospitality and Let 'em In Studios.

Bon nuit - Jim, Nate, and Dan

(Full seen here: http://jimjoustramusicfinemachines.blogspot.com/2012/09/odubsvoxtrackin.html)

In studio lunch break! (Archived 9/25)

Hey readers!

The time has arrived! Unfortunately I broke my promise of keeping constant updates, but here is one!

We began at 10:30am. Our main man Nadim set us up, ran sound, and brought us out of that slumber we all have before 1pm!

First track on was "Picking Up Steam", two acoustic guitars and upright bass.

Next was "Blood Orange", which was great in energy!

Third was "Yesterdays Clothes". It took us a take to get into the feel, but we knew exactly when we hit it.

Right before lunch we laid down "Distant Shores". The interplay between Dan and myself really pushes that tune, so we were seeking that sound in the studio.

Lunch break - little Mexican/Deli Sandwiches.

Below are a couple of pics I snapped of Nate, Nadim, Dan and the studio.

Til next time (soon!) - Jim

(Full seen here: http://jimjoustramusicfinemachines.blogspot.com/2012/09/in-studio-lunch-break.html)

Prep for Sessions (Archived 9/24)

Today was a lazy day, built around some prep for The Fine Machines - Debut Record.

I myself hit the shed, and recorded some tracks you may know. I tried to stay away from the music we're recording, yet remained focused on some specific sounds we want to lay down this week.

"Little Martha" - Allman Brothers Band - Eat a Peach

"Walkin Blues" - Robert Johnson

Little Martha is a tune on solo dobro by Duane Allman. Here, I recorded it in an open E tuning (E B E G# B E).

Walkin Blues is a personal favorite of mine. Here I jazz it up a little bit with some slide work and alternative verses. Again, my tuning is in open E.

Alas, tomorrow it begins. Below is a track from our gig this summer at Sweet Grapes - 39 Essex (LES). Enjoy!

Picking Up Steam - The Fine Machines

Later - Jim

(full seen here: http://jimjoustramusicfinemachines.blogspot.com/2012/09/preparation-for-sessions.html)

Gonna Be a Good Week. (Archived - 9/22)

Gonna be a Good Week!

A Busy Week Ahead!

Hey Guys-

Hope all is well with y'all through this rainy Saturday night!

The Fine Machines, and its individual members have a busy week ahead!

First, on Sunday September 23rd, Trash Bar (256 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY.) We'll be joining a bill full of talent!

21+ and there's a $7 cover. We start at 9pm on the bill.

Monday we get to take a breather, but starting Tuesday morning we're in the studio. Our tentative schedule is fairly simple:

Day 1: Small rehearsal, first shell/ scratch tracks laid down. Live acoustic tunes laid down with live vocal, and instruments.

Day 2: Overdubs. Vocal and instrumental. Banjo, Electric guitar, Acoustic guitar, etc. Finalizing of previous day's tracks.

Day 3: Overdubbed vocals and continuation of instrument overdubbing. Vocal harmonies and lead vocals added. After Lunch, full mixing process begins.

We as a group, are very excited about this entire process! All of us are no strangers to the music studio, but every time the sparks fly - and we're looking to capture as much of the lighting in the bottle as possible.

Our main objective on this record is to capture the energy of our live show, and combine it with the intimacy of our living room presence.

One more feature of this week is the first show from the Jim Joustra Trio! Nate Allen, Bobby Fresh, and myself will be playing Buschenshank Biergarten in Brooklyn!

Keep ya posted! There is much more to come! - Jim

(Full seen here: http://jimjoustramusicfinemachines.blogspot.com/2012/09/gonna-be-good-week.html)

The First Post of Many! (Archived - 9/22)

Hey pals-

This is the first post of many in documenting the Fine Machines debut record. For those who don't know, we're a group based out of New York City. We've been playing music for a couple of years, which manifested in a recent group which we named The Dan Piccoli Band. Soon after we decided to make it a group name:The Fine Machines. Currently, we are playing around Manhattan and Brooklyn. Please check out our videos and music below.

I'm going to try my best to keep updates flowing from today until the official release of the record in early winter time 2012.

Videos, pictures, and as much audio as I can release will be posted here for your enjoyment, and for Dan, Nate and my own personal catalog.

Thanks for reading! - Jim

(Dan and Nate at stir nyc and my guitar getting set up this morning)


https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=wokr7feWAnA&feature=youtube_gdata_player

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The Beginning of The Fine Machines

Hey guys -

Hopefully we'll get to use this page to talk about our upcoming EP, closely followed by our first official album release!

We are cooking up a bunch of videos in the video section, as well as scheduling an interesting "down home" concert feel for a possible DVD or extra feature section to our release.

Hope you enjoy, and we'll keep you posted!