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Drummer wanted

A little while ago we decided to part ways with Ryan and now need a new drummer.

Get in touch via the usual channels (here/toxicritual@googlemail.com/facebook etc) if you're interested

309 Live Demo

So, some blog post about our demo is in order.

It’s called “309 Live Demo” because it’s a demo and was recorded live at the 309 Studios in Leeds, lovingly produced and mastered by PIC Music Productions.

You can download it for free (all we ask is your email address) at http://toxicritual.bandcamp.com

We had great fun recording this record and hope you enjoy listening to it. I’ve put a few descriptions of the songs below to ‘whet your whistle’.

Rise of the Merzombies: A song about zombie mermaids (or men, we ain’t gender specific) rising up from the oceans and getting revenge on humanity for our evil polluting ways.

Toxic Manifesto: Our mission statement; basically we just want to have fun and we want people to have fun with us. Even Avenged Sevenfold fans.

Patient Zero: Is he a mutant? A psychic? A carrier of some un-researched pathogen? All we know is he’s loose, and pissed off.

Demo on it's way

We received the master of our demo this morning!

To get a (free) download before everyone else, head to our ReverbNation page and hit the subscribe button. We're going to be emailing a link to a download out to everyone on our mailing list, so to be amongst the first to hear us, make sure you're on the list.



Well, after months in the practice room we're finally out and on the scene, kinda. We've played a gig and recorded an EP (to come in a week or two), but we need more gigs all over Yorkshire and surrounding area, any promoters interested in a cheap band to open their shows, get in touch.