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If any of y'all are looking for a songwriter, check out my Soundcloud playlist of a few songs I've written! Hit me up if you're interested. I'd love to help out on your next song or project :D https://soundcloud.com/kali-janette/sets/kali-j-songwriter-2

Write, Record, Repeat!

I wrote her entire EP and now she's opening for Seth Harden and Sweetland Amphitheater!!! Congrats Marleigh! You're gonna kill it!!!


Moses, one of the artists I've had the pleasure of writing for just opened for Daya this past weekend!!! Y'all should go check him out!!!

Featured Artist!!!

Just found out that my new song Hustle is going to be featured on Reverbnation's homepage on September 13th!!! Stay Tuned!

The "In Crowd"

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Let me know what song you like best and share with your friends as well.

JV Smith
JV Smith  (over 3 years ago)

"Hard To Get" and "It's All True" are fantastic. Love your voice. Do you have more songs or perhaps a CD out there? I really want to hear more. Good Luck!

Kali J.
Kali J.  (over 3 years ago)

Thanks! I'm glad you liked them… I tend to record songs in small doses (one or two at a time) but I'm hoping once I have enough, I'll be able to put a full blown CD together… I'm actually in the process of recording a new song right now. It should out by the beginning of August! :)