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Shelter Valley Folk Fest

Have you ever gone to a gig and when you got there, realized you forgot your instrument?? Unfortunately, the excuse "my dog ate it" doesn't really work. You might get some funny looks. Anyway, yeah, this happened to me at the Shelter Valley Folk Festival. Lucky for a forgetful shmuck like me, there were many musicians there who were humble and thoughtful enough to let me borrow one of their guitars to use. The gig went great, and people seemed to like me, which is a good sign. Walking around afterwards, it was so cool to see all the different types of people (hippies :P) all gathered to celebrate one thing... music!! There were different foods from different cultures, tents with homemade products like guitars, drums, art, etc. It was so cool!! To sum it up, if you enjoy lots of great live music and different cultures, GO TO THE SVFF!! That is all.


You guys are vonderful (just to be more dutch :P )!! almost 100 likes on the first day is more than I could ask for!! Please keep sharing this with your friends!! I promise more material will be coming soon, I have been squeezing in as much time as I can working on new stuff. Stay with me!! Cheers!!

Getting Started

Sup guys!! I'm just working on my verb account and my Facebook page before I release it out. This will all be my main database for my music, news, etc. I've also been working on some new, ambitious material, and I've been thinking of releasing a preview or two. That'll be a little towards the future. Cheers people!!