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Love Denied---Animae Nation

Thanks for the fans interest in my Lathe Jordon persona and with my new band "Love Denied". Views to our flag ship site have skyrocketed and more iclone vids to follow! Remember, Adults Only! Sorry, . .18+.

New Project

Thanks so much to my RN fans. I deleted my Twitter account permanently because I do not want fake fans. New material coming up, new project . . same love.


Thanks to all the RN, fans and artists for your support! Taking a break from RN at this time to concentrate on business. Will return soon. God Bless!

North Augusta

I compete in North Augusta because it covers a much larger venue of musicians. If I went smaller I would stay #1 forever, and never be heard.

New national rating

Now #764 in the Nation. Pretty amazing. Thanks everyone-- I am looking to start a new project with a few local people to promote the new upcoming material. An adequate drummer is a must. Programming the machines is just too time consuming.

"Day Break" Teaser

Wow!!! Thanks to all friends and fans for stopping by my Reverbnation station and with support! I had no idea that the teaser I recently recorded was going to sky rocket the way it has. I should have waited and set it up through my charity, but it was just an idea I had and had to run with it. Again, many thanks to you!!!

Reverbnation Ranking

First I would like to say Thank ya'll for sticking around and producing some amazing music and content. I find fans who connect often really do support what we are writing about. Some people just want follows, but personally I like to see just where people's intelligence dwell. Good, evil, whatever . . .what is the thought process behind their creation?


One thing I will always remember. . .I did not get to #1 by myself. I thank you alll for that.


I thank all my UK fans! Keep on Rockin in the Free World!!!

Wrong genres

#1, . . know your damn genre. For example :Don't come to me rapping and swear you are a country artist. Everyone has their own place and you should respect that. We can respect that, . .so why do not you?