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Too Much to Remember--1st Rock eBook novel

Too much to remember--a multi media novel with songs embedded in the text--is the first rock eBook of its kind. This young adult musical dramedy finds 17-year-old Joe Kovak muddling through first love, a second time around. Navigating through three separate triangles, Joe struggles with his feelings toward on again/off again Kristy, who recently broke up with her boyfriend, Brad. Meanwhile, Joe's best friend, Pete, has found a girl named Julie that he can finally get serious about. But, Joe's quickly falling prey to Julie's captivating smile, and can't help thinking that he was initially the intended victim. At home, another triangle exists in his functionally dysfunctional relationship with his brothers Matt and Kevin. Further adding to the family humor is the Good Dad/Bad Cop Syndrome, and Joe's  creative, but sometimes futile attempts to stay out of trouble with Police Captain John Kovak, who, at any given moment, can transform from Doting Dad into Dirty Harry. This artistic mash-up of great music with great storytelling will appeal to anyone of any age who remembers how it feels to be in like, in love, and in deep.

Please preview and review ibook Too Much to Remember by Jax Resto at itunes.com. Android and Kindle users can find a 10 chapter preview at www.booktrack.com. Contact us for the complete book if you don't have an Apple device.

More Mashups to Come

This past weekend was our first public mashup of BudaRest with Sweet Turbulence. We performed BudaRest and Sweet T originals at the fabulous Chalk Festival in gorgeous weather to a warm crowd. I can hardly wait for the next event, which is just around the corner. We will be performing at The Broadway Bar, hosted by Lenny Long. Creating and playing original music with such talented musicians as my partner Bud, and fellow band members Dan, Erock, and Jillie of Sweet T is what I live for.

Bud and I will be introducing Sweet T on this week's show at kdwradio.com, tomorrow night at 8 PM, and next week, we will be playing an original Christmas song Bud and I wrote called Giftless Christmas. It just dawned on me that this marks the anniversary of BudaRest. It was almost exactly a year ago that Bud and I ran into each other at the YMCA and decided to write our first song together--a Christmas song. As it turned out, we wrote two. Then many more non-Christmas songs after that.

So keep tuning into our radio show, and checking in for updates on what BudaRest is up to. It's always something. There will be many more songs, many more shows, and many more mashups to come...

BudaRest  (over 5 years ago)

It has been the most productive year of my music career thanks to my talented and prolific partner, Jax Resto. We're gonna have to write a song this week to celebrate!

Too Many Thoughts; Such Little Thumbs

I sit here, excited and overwhelmed by this fast moving train. Only 8 months ago, Bud and I ran into each other at the YMCA and half-joked about writing a Christmas song. 36 hours later, we ended up writing two.

Now, I feel sort of like I'm back on the circus train, heading for a new city. A new experience. And this train is moving fast.

I only wish my thumbs could keep up with my excitement!

Jax Resto of BudaRest