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Thanks for getting us to 100 Likes!

Hey thank you to everyone for helping us reach the 100 likes on facebook! --- https://www.facebook.com/itimebomb1

Can't believe we reached a number as such in a short amount of time!

In return we owe you a new song. "I'm Not a Punk" will be put up by the end of this upcoming weekend. You guys deserve it!

Thanks once again, ~Drew

The Looking Forward Acoustic Take

Hi guys, Zach here, and yes, I am the bassist, but since we haven't been able to get our second song up in over a week and we won't be able to for another whole week, I decided to use my own crappy recording equipment(my trusty laptop and audacity in this case) to record an acoustic version of Looking Forward. Surprise to my band-mates who had no idea I was doing this, but I just wanted to keep the fans happy. ;D Oh, and two other reasons I put up the acoustic version other than the whole "no new song up" thing: 1) I had yet to decide on how I was going to sing Looking Forward on the previous track, so I ended up sounding pretty bad. I'm getting into the hang of how I should keep my voice when I'm singing now though. 2) 100 Facebook likes! hoorah

So yeah guys, hope you enjoy this [kinda] new track!

PS: This track is exactly the same as our original Looking Forward except instead of electric guitars and bass guitar it's just acoustic guitar(s). Plus my improved vocals. Anyway...take a listen!

NEW song will be released tonight!

Hey everyone! Quick little blog post here. We will be releasing our new song I'm Not a Punk tonight on Reverb Nation!

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Rehearsing our next song

Thank you for everyone who downloaded our song "Looking Forward" when it came out yesterday and for all of your support. We are now #1 in Reverb Nation's Cleveland Punk Charts, #22 Nationally, and #34 globally in punk! It means so much to us that you guys are there supporting us through everything!

We are on our way to learn our next song. Once that is learned we will go ahead and try to record.

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"Looking Forward" scheduled to be posted tonight

Our debut song Looking Forward is so far scheduled to be up by tonight. We will finish up tracking drum and bass and vocals and get it all mixed by tonight.

Stay tuned, you can follow us on twitter @itimebomb1 for what is going on in the tracking/mixing process and when the song will be posted!!

When will your songs be up?

We have gotten a ton of emails from people requesting to hear some of our songs within the past few days. This upcoming weekend we will be recording a rough demo of our song "Looking Forward". If not then, then next week we'll have it up.

Stay tuned, follow us on twitter @itimebomb1 for the quickest ways to stay in touch with us

First Blog Post

Hey, what's going on? Drew Semelsberger, guitarist and vocalist, from I Time Bomb here. Kind of sketchy first post but they'll get better as we move on, I promise.

Plans We are looking to get a rough demo of one of our songs up on Reverb Nation either this week or next week and also a band picture. Stay tuned to that. As for shows and when we are going to be playing, Ben and Chad are still learning all the songs. Around October, or mid-fall, we should be out and hitting the clubs.

Right now, we are practicing, practicing, and practicing.

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