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Rocklahoma Madness

Ok, here is your chance to put us on a big stage! PLEASE vote for us, vote as often as you can, we would be honored to represent Tulsa on a big stage at Rocklahoma. Spread the word, get everyone you can to vote for us. Thank Tulsa for nominating us!! http://www.kmod.com/articles/rocklahoma-madness-491585/rocklahoma-madness-13405582

Our birthday show

This Saturday, june 8th, if your in the Tulsa area come celebrate our first birthday with us, Motortrain, Silvertonguedevil, and Hanger at Tankz!!


NEWS FLASH!!!! Hello crushaholics! We have some exciting news to share! This saturday Dirty Crush is going back into the studio to re-record Put Your 2 On This in hopes of getting played on the radio. Our first recording, which is just a live EP really , needed to be cleaned up a lil and plus we want our new members on the recording too! We have been working real hard lately and we got some real dirty stuff cookin up for ya.... Stay tuned, keep supporting us and spreading the word like you do so well!!! Our next show is janurary 26th with national act Framing The Red at Ole memorial Lounge. Make plans now tulsa cuz this is gonna be one DIRRTY show!!! Peace out, love you all!!

Last show of the year!!

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